Into the Blue

Ask us how a dirty wall in our guest bedroom went from “drab to fab,” as Teresa says. This last weekend, we painted. OCH mom-in-law came by to provide tremendous help. In the span of a day our guest room made this transition:



As you can see, we need to paint a second coat. The other three walls are a great neutral color called “gull” that sometimes looks soft tan, sometimes gray, and sometimes almost greenish.

After using TSP on the wall, we tried a couple of other colors (in the BEFORE photo) but they were meh. T had to talk me into this one. It’s called “plumage” and sometimes it’s blueish and sometimes more teal. It actually looks really great. Tonight we’ll paint the second coat and soon we’ll get started on freshening up that white trim.

In the meantime, by popular demand, we’re gathering sketches and plans we used to determine the kitchen layout. We’ll have those up soon.

Have a great week, everyone!

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4 Responses to Into the Blue

  1. Mom says:

    I LOVE THE BLUE!!!!!!!!!! I never would have thought you would go for a BLUE wall!!!! Amazing!!
    I was a little worried when I read the words “second coat”
    on my hotmail alert……
    I thought you were going to repaint all my hard work!

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