Homemade Nail Trim Headboard


I’m glad Chris trusted me with the whole “plumage” blue-green bedroom wall thing. I had a plan…that it would look nice and crisp with this headboard we picked up for $6 at a local secondhand shop:

Haha, kidding! Kind of. Are you digging the closeup shot of the vinyl upholstery and shiny gold starburst thingy? Thought so.

Of course, we refurbished it a bit. First, Chris was nice enough to saw off the too-short legs:

I then covered it with crib-sized batting and tightly pulled and stapled white, 100% cotton duck ($9/yd) with a fancy schmancy nail gun that Chris bought me :D.

Then it was time for some jewelry…nail head trim, of course! I love LOVE the look and knew it would make this cheap headboard a little less offensive (well, anything is better than gold-on-gold tone vinyl, no?).

It’s not done yet but you can see where we’re going and how it’ll pop right off of the “plumage” wall:

Can’t wait until it’s done!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!



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5 Responses to Homemade Nail Trim Headboard

  1. Dave Johnson says:

    Martha Stewart look out, General T is taking over!

  2. Mom says:

    It’s an amazing headboard, better than MS! Will go with the wing chairs too!
    Still LOVE the color!!

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