The Black and White Bathroom

It’s done-zo!!!! Well, okay, maybe there is a little touch up paint needed here and there and maybe someone should wash the toothpaste spatters off the mirror. But as it turns out, that someone is too busy doing the happy dance that the shower is finally usable!!!



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4 Responses to The Black and White Bathroom

  1. madambass says:

    The tile is absolutely beautiful!!!! The pearl is amazing! I love the paint but that tub is a jewel!!! Beautiful work T and C.

  2. Carol Dean says:

    We would like to put in an offer on your house….if only we could!!! Your bathroom is a jewel, and the final result is perfection – just like everything else you have done in your sweet home. We love it!!! Aunt C & Uncle C

  3. Mike says:

    Bathroom looks really great. An inspiration to those who have yet to tackle that particular room. Do they make any kind of tile moulding for the transition from tile-to-wall? I likes me some good moulding…

  4. marygallant88 says:

    Guess what ??? My powder room is redone in black and white too….walls pale blue …don’t you luv it!!! [?]Gram mary

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