Some people live in manicured suburbs inside beautiful houses with shiny doorknobs (that actually work!) surrounded by beautifully groomed grounds lush with brightly colored blooms and paved driveways.

We don’t. And suburbs give us the willies.

In our neighborhood, houses are old, no one picks up after the dogs, multiple domiciles share undocumented sewer lines, and neighbors know one another so well that even if you forget where you’re going, someone’s there to remind you. And we love it.

We are Chris:

Who 12 years ago married Teresa:

Who 8 years ago adopted ZsaZsa:

After graduating from college and backpacking until we became so stinky that even the dog began to worry, we bought a house on the loveliest of corners in a hilly, treed neighborhood. Ours is a shabby old house with ill-mounted doors opening into a bright pink living room from a grassless dirt pit of a yard upstaged only by a massive mud pit of a driveway.

This place needs it all: new siding, landscaping, hardscaping, kitchen, bathrooms, walls, plumbing, electrical, insulation, flooring…you name it. As a matter of fact, our assessment upon first walk-through? Must have been a rental. It looked like a pack of wild college boys had just been evicted. By force.

With a to-do list as long (and scary) as ours—and a bad reputation for maintaining regular correspondence with loved ones—we thought we’d blog. This blog is a place for us to keep track of and chronicle projects, record progress, and keep friends and family in the loop (mostly so they know when not to visit…”painting party, anyone?”).

Thanks so much for stopping by! Please comment so we can get to know you! We love blogs. And we love working hard. So here we go!

<3 Chris & Teresa


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  1. Laura Jensen says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy you two found a home that fits your style and is practical and convenient. I’m also a proud owner of an “old lady” and have been trying to change her style for a while, but she’s got some great character as you both know. I can’t wait to come visit you both in your new home… maybe this summer if you guys aren’t out traveling the world :) Do you have any trips planned for the new year? Hopefully Ogden is on the list. I know some cool people that live there ; ) I’m excited for you guys and hope you have a great time in your new home. Love you and miss you!

    Laura and the girls

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