High Drama (and CHEAP!) Guest Room

Remember the pretty blue wall in our guest room? We heart it because of its drama and so decide to up the ante and infuse even more drama.

Here’s how the room looked before:


When you have an old house like ours, with twists and turns and tiny stairways, you can’t always get your box springs into the basement. So we put the mattress on a thick board and the bed came out way too low. Enter these little babies:


The price was right (free, from OCH mom) and they boost the bed up to a normal height.


I propped the yet-to-be-finished nail trim headboard (I know, I know…I’m working on it!) to see how much wall space we had to work with.


I found some unfinished wood frames at the $1 Store that we’d spray painted a glossy white. Then I found these wallflowers I forgot we had in a box (while searching for something completely different—isn’t that always the way?).


I laid everything out on the floor and picked out some of my favorite photos and postcards from our travels (sorry about the blurry shot).


Then I spaced everything out on the wall…


And finally, inserted the pretty pictures.

Cute side story about the bear—he was a gift to me when I was a toddler from my Uncle Mike. He came in a box with only his arms and legs poking out. He’s been my quirky side kick ever since…and I was never one for stuffed toys or for keeping things—pretty much just this bear.


They are so bright and cheery and the white contrast on the dark wall is really impactful.


There are shots from Amsterdam, Brugges, Copan Ruinas, Volcan Izalco…some of our favorites.


Seems this guest room is becoming travel-themed. Seems fitting, no? Especially since most all of our guests would certainly have to travel quite a bit to visit us out here!

More to come!

Hugs, T

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8 Responses to High Drama (and CHEAP!) Guest Room

  1. mary gallant says:

    Now this is adorable, Teresa!!! And innovative and smart and economical …

  2. Pat Biggs says:

    Ned and I just commented yesterday you hadn’t posted about your house….but here it is today. You certainly have some darling ideas. You can tell there’s lots and lots of love put into whatever you do…..

  3. Mom says:

    Wow! a post!! BYW, I can vouch for the pleasantness of this room, I was the FIRST guest in it :) It really is as cute as it looks in the pictures!

  4. This is a great idea to showcase your travels to guest. We have so many photos from traveling and always trying to think of ways to display them. Perfect for a guest room!

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