The Black and White Bathroom

It’s done-zo!!!! Well, okay, maybe there is a little touch up paint needed here and there and maybe someone should wash the toothpaste spatters off the mirror. But as it turns out, that someone is too busy doing the happy dance that the shower is finally usable!!!



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Last of the Russian Sage {Living Room Update}

I noticed our near-zero nights are starting to turn the garden. So before the critters and flowers completely leave us for the season, I brought some of our lovely Russian sage inside.

*soft inhale*

Then I realized the last time I posted an update on our living room was THREE YEARS AGO!!!

And it has completely changed.

Oops. My bad.

Here’s lately:

livr33livr11 livr44livr22

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TBT – The Blue & Oak Bathroom

The upstairs bathroom was sick when we moved in. Moldy window, water damage under the toilet, dry rot behind the shower surround. Surprisingly enough, none of these features were highlighted in the property listing.

But what you couldn’t see wasn’t the only problem. Installing new windows, sub floor, and cement backer board couldn’t undo the sickly blue paint, crumbling blinds, faux oak cabinetry.

We’ve been spending a little time tending to the symptoms wrought by bad bathroom karma…and here’s things are today:


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Black and White Color-Blocked Bathroom

There are few projects around the house that I can work on by myself. Because I am apparently dangerous and impatient and must be monitored, especially around power tools and expensive materials.

But paint! Paint is harmless! So when Chris is working his super long days and I’m left to my own devices, the paint closet calls to me. (Yes, we have a paint closet. It’s utterly ridiculous.)

I’m not sure what possessed me…all I do know is that the upstairs bathroom needed to be bolder. When it spoke to me and it said, “Teresa, things in life don’t have to always be messy, in the gray. Some things can be black and white,” I honestly didn’t expect to love it so much, but I do!

So while Chris was away, oh yes I did, I broke free from the gray.



Technically, it’s not black. It’s an off-black in a flat, matte finish. It makes our small, naturally lit, inexpensive bathroom look far more chic. Now I just need to do a little shopping and (with full supervision) tiling and we can call this room done!

The plan:



1. Upper wall and ceiling paint: BM Classic Gray mixed into Valspar; 2. Lower wall paint: Glidden Dark Coalmine; 3. Shower ceiling tile: Murano glass tile in Pearl White; 4. Shower surround subway tile; 5. Peshtemal towels; 6. Gold hand jewelry holder


Now, what else can I paint?



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A Place to Sit and Eat

Gah! It cannot have been a month and a half since my last post! Clearly, you all conspired to push the passage of time at a much more frantic clip than the one in which I’ve been living…

So thought I’d share a more recent look at the new-old dining room…


I know there are a million weird little things that awkwardly stand out. Here’s what I already know:

Well you know the drill. I promise to post again soon and you knowingly shake your head at me. ;)

I can live with your reluctance to believe. Heck, I’ve spent years cultivating it!

Enjoy the summer – it’s passing quickly!




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(Re)finished Hardwoods in the Dining Room

This job is marked “COMPLETE”! Oh, baby, were we happy when we woke up after a full day of top coating (FIVE layers of top coat!) to see these rich, warm, satiny floors! The stain fully erased all of the discoloration and damage in the original oak floors.

Got a couple shots showing the floors and the new bead board ceiling together. Soooooooo pretty. :)

(Advance apologies for the bad photos. Pair bright white paint and dark stain with tons of natural light through a huge picture window with my inability to sit still long enough to learn how to better adjust my camera and this is what you get.)




Still to do in the dining room: install floor trim, paint floor and window trim, hang window treatments, install chandelier, MOVE IN the furniture and BON APPETITE!


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From Top to Bottom (…or From Ceiling to Floor)


While you’re all out camping this Memorial Day weekend, we’re “camping” too. Just…on our deck instead of in the woods. That’s right…no rest for the weary, or however that goes.

We have a good thing going: Chris sands and I clean/stain/varnish. Wait. That sounds lopsided. I knew something was wrong! But it sure beats paining overhead.

Too many fumes,


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