The Black and White Bathroom

It’s done-zo!!!! Well, okay, maybe there is a little touch up paint needed here and there and maybe someone should wash the toothpaste spatters off the mirror. But as it turns out, that someone is too busy doing the happy dance that the shower is finally usable!!!



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Last of the Russian Sage {Living Room Update}

I noticed our near-zero nights are starting to turn the garden. So before the critters and flowers completely leave us for the season, I brought some of our lovely Russian sage inside.

*soft inhale*

Then I realized the last time I posted an update on our living room was THREE YEARS AGO!!!

And it has completely changed.

Oops. My bad.

Here’s lately:

livr33livr11 livr44livr22

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TBT – The Blue & Oak Bathroom

The upstairs bathroom was sick when we moved in. Moldy window, water damage under the toilet, dry rot behind the shower surround. Surprisingly enough, none of these features were highlighted in the property listing.

But what you couldn’t see wasn’t the only problem. Installing new windows, sub floor, and cement backer board couldn’t undo the sickly blue paint, crumbling blinds, faux oak cabinetry.

We’ve been spending a little time tending to the symptoms wrought by bad bathroom karma…and here’s things are today:


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Black and White Color-Blocked Bathroom

There are few projects around the house that I can work on by myself. Because I am apparently dangerous and impatient and must be monitored, especially around power tools and expensive materials.

But paint! Paint is harmless! So when Chris is working his super long days and I’m left to my own devices, the paint closet calls to me. (Yes, we have a paint closet. It’s utterly ridiculous.)

I’m not sure what possessed me…all I do know is that the upstairs bathroom needed to be bolder. When it spoke to me and it said, “Teresa, things in life don’t have to always be messy, in the gray. Some things can be black and white,” I honestly didn’t expect to love it so much, but I do!

So while Chris was away, oh yes I did, I broke free from the gray.



Technically, it’s not black. It’s an off-black in a flat, matte finish. It makes our small, naturally lit, inexpensive bathroom look far more chic. Now I just need to do a little shopping and (with full supervision) tiling and we can call this room done!

The plan:



1. Upper wall and ceiling paint: BM Classic Gray mixed into Valspar; 2. Lower wall paint: Glidden Dark Coalmine; 3. Shower ceiling tile: Murano glass tile in Pearl White; 4. Shower surround subway tile; 5. Peshtemal towels; 6. Gold hand jewelry holder


Now, what else can I paint?



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A Place to Sit and Eat

Gah! It cannot have been a month and a half since my last post! Clearly, you all conspired to push the passage of time at a much more frantic clip than the one in which I’ve been living…

So thought I’d share a more recent look at the new-old dining room…


I know there are a million weird little things that awkwardly stand out. Here’s what I already know:

Well you know the drill. I promise to post again soon and you knowingly shake your head at me. ;)

I can live with your reluctance to believe. Heck, I’ve spent years cultivating it!

Enjoy the summer – it’s passing quickly!




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(Re)finished Hardwoods in the Dining Room

This job is marked “COMPLETE”! Oh, baby, were we happy when we woke up after a full day of top coating (FIVE layers of top coat!) to see these rich, warm, satiny floors! The stain fully erased all of the discoloration and damage in the original oak floors.

Got a couple shots showing the floors and the new bead board ceiling together. Soooooooo pretty. :)

(Advance apologies for the bad photos. Pair bright white paint and dark stain with tons of natural light through a huge picture window with my inability to sit still long enough to learn how to better adjust my camera and this is what you get.)




Still to do in the dining room: install floor trim, paint floor and window trim, hang window treatments, install chandelier, MOVE IN the furniture and BON APPETITE!


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From Top to Bottom (…or From Ceiling to Floor)


While you’re all out camping this Memorial Day weekend, we’re “camping” too. Just…on our deck instead of in the woods. That’s right…no rest for the weary, or however that goes.

We have a good thing going: Chris sands and I clean/stain/varnish. Wait. That sounds lopsided. I knew something was wrong! But it sure beats paining overhead.

Too many fumes,


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Painting Upside Down (and other updates…no pun)

Remember where we ended up a couple weeks ago in the old dining room project (a.k.a. my own personal never-ending nightmare, only more dramatic)? Then got waylaid because we have trouble focusing? (Truth: because between the two of us we somehow ended up with five jobs in addition to volunteer work. Hi, we’re Chris and Teresa and we have trouble saying no.)

Well, Chris polished up the new drywall and installed trim around the perimeter of our new beadboard ceiling. I’ve been painting it, with a brush, craning my neck while working upside down. In the wee hours of the morning. Post-shower, pre-work. Thankfully I have friendly, observant colleagues to point out the paint smeared into my forearms or mushed into my hair. Jeez, I’m a wreck!

But progress is progress, no?


Wall color is Benjamin Moore Classic Gray matched to Valspar. Ceiling is a glossy match to our kitchen cabinets. Window trim has yet to be painted. I’m working on it!

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Happy Mum & Daughter Day?


It’s my birthday…and Mother’s Day. Talk about ironic thunder stealing.

But all’s well that results in a makeover of mum’s kitchen. Trust me. So far: new paint, new stove/sink, realigned and refreshed cabinets, new hardware, bright new tile backsplash and counter, and more!

Before and after pics to come later this summer. It will shock. Promise.

In other news, teaching my first Insanity* class tomorrow! CANNOT WAIT!!!

Bringin’ it,


*Tested it out on the hubs and roller derby sis this morning. Hehehe.

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Once Upon A Time [Things Are Looking Up]

Don’t worry. We haven’t been napping. Except maybe sometimes. Anyone remember back in kindergarten when nap time followed lunch and the floor mats would come out? And we’d circle up for a story then snooze? Kindergarten was way better than adulthood.

don't grow up it's a trap! print // inspirational instant download print // black and white home decor // motivational wall art

(You can purchase the print above here)

While I can’t provide you with a floor mat or nap time, I can tell you a story. With pictures!


Once upon a time, there was a horrendous dining room. Actually, it was once a teeny bedroom – as teeny as teeny could be. Previous owners added on a new bedroom and converted this sad little space into a sad little dining room. Where no one dined.



Then along came the heroes of our story. (It’s my story so I get to be a hero.) They ripped out those crazy diagonal cedar strips – which had taken on a fishy odor – and tripled the size of the window and alas! A giant hole in the plaster was discovered.



But our heroes were not deterred. Well, not much, anyway. They rolled up their sleeves, had a few martinis, and drywalled right over all that business. While this solved the wall problem, there was still an old damaged plaster ceiling with which to contend. Hours spent perusing photos online and in magazines revealed the answer – cover it up! Decoratively! So they did are.



Now isn’t that better?

The end. (For now.)


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So Last Weekend Was…


So last weekend was…insane. No pun. Unless you mean pun as in punishment. ‘Cause I definitely felt a little punished. ;)

Last weekend this happened:


And then, right after that happened, like, the next day, this happened:


I’m so excited to now be certified to teach both INSANITY and Turbo Kick! I’m not gonna lie – I suffered a little. Like, you know, spent an evening in the fetal position on the floor next to my foam roller. And then ate my weight in popcorn because I couldn’t stand to cook myself dinner. And then stunk because I couldn’t do stairs to get to the bathroom. But these workouts totally kick a**.

INSANITY is so incredibly challenging – physically and mentally. And Turbo Kick is so FUN! Like a party with lots of sweat and uh-mazing music!

Message me if you’re in the area and interested in these classes! And of course, I’ll continue to lead indoor cycling, too, of course. :) Of course. <3

Ta for now!



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Throwback Thursday – The Pink Hallway

Ah, when we bought this place, everything was so…pink.

Fortunately, nothing a little paint and elbow grease couldn’t handle. Check out the upstairs hall then and now:



So long, pink!

Were I a single gal, I’d marry soft, neutral colors.  Wall: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray matched to Valspar; trim: Valspar Daylight (same we’re using in the living room). Cool old door and handle: original. :)

Throw way back!


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Eye Candy Alert: Open Shelving Inspiration

It seems like we eat our weight in legumes, seeds, and whole grains each week.

Beans (of all kinds). Split peas. Lentils. Farro. Steel-cut oats. Quinoa. Flax. Wild rice. Etc.

And what Chris eats in quantity rivals that of an entire army command. He was in the Army, so I know what I’m talking about. We literally buy pounds of the stuff each week. Each weekend I soak and cook and freeze beans for the week.

My secret? Three words: electric pressure cooker.

The easiest way to cook and eat this way is to know what you’ve got at a glance. I’m obsessed with the idea of storing our grains, nuts, seeds, beans, etc. in clear containers on open shelves.

And we’re working on it! Will have pics to share soon.

In the meantime, a few inspiration pics…

open kitchen shelf

[Photo credit]

open shelf in kitchen

[Photo credit]

open shelf in kitchen

[Photo credit]

open shelf in kitchen

[Photo credit]

open shelf food storage

[Photo credit]

kitchen open storage

[Photo credit]

open shelf food storage

[Photo credit]

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Carriage House Lights

How long are you allowed to sleep in and blame it on Daylight Savings? Just curious. But I must say, IT’S HAPPENING PEOPLE! It’s starting to warm up outside!

Which is good!

But also sad…I’m still waiting for all that snow I imagined we’d get this year.

Before our rather disappointing winter began, we were working like stressed little woodland creatures preparing for the season, trying to get our garage primed and painted. You may recall where we started and where we ended up.

Well, we even got as far as choosing light fixtures. These puppies:


They’re pretty cute and the price was right (read: they were cheap). Didn’t get ’em up before the snow.

But! The snow is GONE and the sun is HERE and me thinks it’s high time to start hinting to Chris. Wink, wink.

In my imagination, ours is a cute little English cottage-style garage. Carriage house? Ah, to dream:

Cottage-style garage

[Photo credit]

Oh, fine, let’s be honest. This carriage house is nicer than our whole house. But it would be kind of funny to have to spend your weekend mowing your walls.

“Yeah, we’d love to come to the BBQ but we’re only halfway done mowing our carriage house.”

So fancy,


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Throwback Thursday

Oh hey! You know that tiling pic I posted yesterday from the kitchen? You know, this one:


Welp, ready yourself for this one. Here’s a throwback to what this same exact spot looked like back when we purchased the house:


Oh yes. That is indeed a piece peach-colored laminate countertop mounted over thin air (as opposed to, oh I don’t know, cabinets, because that would be odd). Know you’re loving the kitchen carpet. Oh, and how ’bout that pink hallway? They say pink is flattering. I’ll take their word for it.

I’ll get a current shot of this view to share soon. In the meantime, you should probably stop looking at it. It could probably make your face freeze like that. ;)



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Trim & Tile Time

Ah, consonantal alliteration, I heart thee.

But not in a creepy way. In a nerdy way. Nerdeeeee.


It’s been ages since we’ve updated any of our projects on the home front. Not because we’ve been slacking off.


A little because we’ve been slacking off.

But! We’ve been making little bits of progress here and there.

For instance, repainting all of the trim in the living room. Hadn’t ever done since having the new windows installed and trimmed with primed trim. Wait! Did I not post about that? Whoa…can’t believe it. Because that was a huge deal. New windows throughout the abode. Installed by our friendly local window company.



A pretty pattern called “Jack Frost” for the bathroom…


Anyway, back to business, it turns out white primer is not paint. And it looks gray in person. Also turns out that our old trim color looks yellowish and yucky in person. Dingy.

Good Opportunity to freshen everything right up with some crisp white paint. This color is called “daylight” and is from Valspar. See how much brighter the right side of this door looks compared with the left?


What? Don’t like grainy late-in-the-day phone pics? Too bad. I lost the SD card for my camera. But I’m not gonna cry about it. Weirder things have happened. Seriously…read on.

We also decided there is no time like the present to tile the newer portion of our kitchen to match the original portion.


Yes, that’s an open jar of peanut butter. Yes, I was eating straight from the jar. Whilst renovating. Tiling is hard work. Have to keep my protein levels up and all that. Plus, with all the stashing of kitchen stuff to make this project happen, I lost the bread. Still haven’t found it. But I did find a can of stewed tomatoes on my bedside table. Like I said earlier, weirder things have happened. ;)

More to come soon, I swear! But for now, back to our regularly programmed consonantal alliteration:

Ta, Teresa

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Super Bowl-Themed Indoor Cycling Class!

Oh boy, did I have fun with Super Bowl theme rides this year! And this coming from a girl who was all like, “Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl? That’s football, right??” But I do live in Washington state and knew this could be fun!

Seahawks Space Needle


image via 

My 45, 60 and 75 minute classes each got a super fun football-themed ride with no fewer than three Seahawks anthems. In places of “stages,” we had pregame, first half, halftime, second half, and in the longer class, commercial breaks.

Here’s the 75-minute playlist – our “team” started the way football players do: reading through the game plan, warming up, stretching and meditating on the task ahead. We celebrated some of the most memorable halftime shows, and then cooled down to this year’s halftime artists. Some songs are uploaded from my computer and may not play through Spotify…

As you may have guessed, I’ll be out doing other things this afternoon instead of watching the game, but Go Seahawks!

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A few pics from this Christmas. Cozy puppies, a unique Christmas tree, family photos…

chr1 chr2



And when we got home, we painted and started using our entry closet. Chris drywalled it last week. Prior to that it was a hot mess. Gutting it was irritating but allowed us to run power into it (hidden charging station!) and add four outlets to the kitchen wall on the opposite side. So, bonus!



Hope you, too, had a Merry Christmas, friends!



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Trick-or-Treat Playlist

Teaching two back-to-back spin classes tonight. With the lights out. In costume. To spooky music. Bwahahaha!

Here’s the playlist – enjoy! (note: use the scrollbar on the player to see the rest).


The first two songs are warm up and the last two are cool down. Three stages of work, each with seated sprint intervals, a rolling hill, a combo hill, a hard standing climb, and downhill run (or recovery). 



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Getting closer to a finished garage!

No one should be this excited about a garage makeover. But I CANNOT WAIT for this job to be finished.

This pic is from this morning – the color is coming out a little dark, due to the early morning light.


You remember where we were as of yesterday. We’re getting closer!!!

We need to shop for garage lights this weekend – there ain’t no way that old shop light is going back up. Not only was it too comfortable a safe harbor for spider and wasp colonies, it buzzed and hummed so loudly when in use that it sounded like we could be causing electrical surges throughout the city. Not the kind of energizing we go for.

Here are some options I like, some of which are too pricey (images link to sources):

Ascoli Wall Mount 2-Light Outdoor Stainless Steel Sconce

Mariner Collection Wall-Mount 1-Light Outdoor Architectural Bronze Light Fixture

Barn Light "The Artesia" 8" Warehouse Shade in 119-Bronze w/ B-10 Gooseneck Arm

Ciao for now, T

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