Last of the Russian Sage {Living Room Update}

I noticed our near-zero nights are starting to turn the garden. So before the critters and flowers completely leave us for the season, I brought some of our lovely Russian sage inside.

*soft inhale*

Then I realized the last time I posted an update on our living room was THREE YEARS AGO!!!

And it has completely changed.

Oops. My bad.

Here’s lately:

livr33livr11 livr44livr22

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5 Responses to Last of the Russian Sage {Living Room Update}

  1. madambass says:

    That rug is AMAZING!! The room looks so light and open, it’s very fresh. I hadn’t thought about Russian sage in a vase, hmmmm.

  2. marygallant88 says:

    Chic , Teresa, just like everything you do. You and Chris have turned the ugly duckling into a little dream house……[?][?][?][?][?] lots of luv [?] Gram Mary[?]

  3. Patricia Biggs says:

    Your home has turned out as a work of art. <3)

  4. Patricia Biggs says:

    Meant to type a heart….

  5. INTRO
    I found your site clicking around the DIY sites and Pinterest pics last night, and finally got here from Centsation (which I can’t view currently because the scripts for one of her advertisers hangs and effectively shuts down my browser — “self-hosted” sites be warned!)

    Just moved to a great apt. that is finally large enough to host a dedicated office as well as a decent sized living space – but I rent. I’m looking for projects I could adapt to work in a place where there are limitations to what I can do (no painting, oddly – but I can put up shelves – go figure!).

    There is TONS I need to do – beginning with an office that needs to house a *sizable* reference library as well as all my tech-work paraphernalia and files. I don’t plan to be here until I die, so I’m trying to avoid having tons to patch whenever I move out. (LOVED the Billy hacks, btw – which got me here)

    Meanwhile, I must work in the office as is, which is really slowing down my functionality – leaving me even less time to address the storage and org. problems.

    I’ve done most of what I can do to make my kitchen functional and cute (enough) and I’m closing in on the bathroom. I must ALSO turn my attention to all closets, windows, the bedroom, living room, long hall and small porch/balcony (1st floor but not “walk-out”) – and I’m a stuff-person with many boxes still piled behind a DIY shutter screen, on a strict budget that is laughably small. DIY it must be!

    I have already gone through my rather large collection of decorating references in book form – so I’m counting on bloggers like YOU for tons of inspiration, if not actual help (which I’m really hoping for ::grin::). So I am now “following” my new best friend, even tho’ I don’t find WPress’s reader helpful a-t A-L-L!!!

    I “like” to mark posts I’ve read, so if I haven’t been here and you’ve posted some things I’ll want to see, it would be grand if you could pop over to my blog (totally unrelated) and “like” something (long list of articles on skinny right sidebar), then I’ll know to pop back over here and get caught up (you don’t even have to read it, btw – as you must know, a “like” will activate “backstage,” and I’ll know to hop over here post haste.)

    ESPECIALLY, btw, if you plan to post Christmas or holiday pics – I’m a real nut about Christmas. I will be doing a Christmas Happy Christmas series to replace the recently initiated Monday Grumpy Monday posts beginning the last week of Nov. I’ll link to anything you do, holiday-wise, btw.

    If you want to leave a comment with a link, even if totally unrelated I’ll always approve it (only one link per comment or you’ll be auto-spammed) — but liking is quicker for you, and I know I’m already asking for time you probably don’t have.

    I guess this is TMI – but I also guess you’ve already figured out I LOVE your site. Thanks for posting.
    mgh aka your new best friend
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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