Destruction…uh, no…Demolition! Yeah, that’s it!

What else have we been up to? I like to call it demolition. It’s one of my favorite things, yes it is. (Check out my first demolition at the new house–before it was even ours– here.)

Our kitchen needed to go. We know, we know…a lot can be done with what T calls “lipstick fixes.” However, this kitchen had some pretty bad offenders that made demolition the best option:

  • Plaster walls in desperate need of repair
  • Kitchen carpet (enough said)
  • An 18” sink
  • Badly installed, damaged tile
  • An 18” dishwasher (yes, they apparently make those) with a bright red interior
  • Two different types (eras, really) of cabinetry

So demolish we did. :D

See the kitchen carpet (on the right). On the left is the vinyl that lined the sink cabinet. Not exactly complementary.

As you can see, the plaster wall behind the range was filthy (we cleaned it up here).

We removed the cabinets to reveal badly stained, unfinished and cracked plaster walls.

Removal of the tile backsplash revealed that the tile had been installed with something like Liquid Nails (just not kosher, people). Large chunks of plaster were loose behind the tile.

T and I couldn’t believe that they still sell this same cabinet hardware at the local shop:

On the opposite side of the kitchen was this weird desk-like section of countertop. Our real estate agent joked that the little plastic thing on the side was for recipes.

So that’s for taking it down. Now for putting it all back together!

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3 Responses to Destruction…uh, no…Demolition! Yeah, that’s it!

  1. Proud of you two working and getting it all ready for the house warming…. The hardware is awesome. You could get a lot for them on e bay.

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