(Re)finished Hardwoods in the Dining Room

This job is marked “COMPLETE”! Oh, baby, were we happy when we woke up after a full day of top coating (FIVE layers of top coat!) to see these rich, warm, satiny floors! The stain fully erased all of the discoloration and damage in the original oak floors.

Got a couple shots showing the floors and the new bead board ceiling together. Soooooooo pretty. :)

(Advance apologies for the bad photos. Pair bright white paint and dark stain with tons of natural light through a huge picture window with my inability to sit still long enough to learn how to better adjust my camera and this is what you get.)




Still to do in the dining room: install floor trim, paint floor and window trim, hang window treatments, install chandelier, MOVE IN the furniture and BON APPETITE!


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3 Responses to (Re)finished Hardwoods in the Dining Room

  1. madambass says:

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see it with furniture and curtains!

  2. marygallant88 says:

    Now I can tell you, T. When I had my hallway floor refinished in my house on Encino Ave. Northridge, Ca with polyeurathane, by professionals, it ignited a fire and burned out a bedroom . The kids were at school. It was their bedroom that buned out. Seems the pilot in the water heater in the hall was on….. SO glad you two don’t smoke!!!! My bit of history for today… gram mary

  3. Carol Dean says:

    I have only two words for you two….”Awwww” “Some” !!! (okay, four)….and “Very Beautiful” !!! I truly love the way the room turned out, and I would love to have that very room for my own dining room! Much love, Aunt C (P.S. Like your Mom, I’m really looking forward to seeing this lovely room all decked out).

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