From Top to Bottom (…or From Ceiling to Floor)


While you’re all out camping this Memorial Day weekend, we’re “camping” too. Just…on our deck instead of in the woods. That’s right…no rest for the weary, or however that goes.

We have a good thing going: Chris sands and I clean/stain/varnish. Wait. That sounds lopsided. I knew something was wrong! But it sure beats paining overhead.

Too many fumes,


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5 Responses to From Top to Bottom (…or From Ceiling to Floor)

  1. madambass says:

    Yay! I love the darker stain on the floor, so rich looking!

  2. Carol Dean says:

    Camping this weekend? Not me! I’m glued to your blog, and again am blown away! Love the rich look of the new stain. Keep up the great work(s). You two kids are awesome!!! Happy Memorial Day! Love you, Aunt Carol

    • Teresa says:

      Aw, thank you so much! Awesome seems like so far from reality when we’re just blundering along. What we don’t have in know-how we make up for in energy! Happy Memorial Day!!

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