Once Upon A Time [Things Are Looking Up]

Don’t worry. We haven’t been napping. Except maybe sometimes. Anyone remember back in kindergarten when nap time followed lunch and the floor mats would come out? And we’d circle up for a story then snooze? Kindergarten was way better than adulthood.

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While I can’t provide you with a floor mat or nap time, I can tell you a story. With pictures!


Once upon a time, there was a horrendous dining room. Actually, it was once a teeny bedroom – as teeny as teeny could be. Previous owners added on a new bedroom and converted this sad little space into a sad little dining room. Where no one dined.



Then along came the heroes of our story. (It’s my story so I get to be a hero.) They ripped out those crazy diagonal cedar strips – which had taken on a fishy odor – and tripled the size of the window and alas! A giant hole in the plaster was discovered.



But our heroes were not deterred. Well, not much, anyway. They rolled up their sleeves, had a few martinis, and drywalled right over all that business. While this solved the wall problem, there was still an old damaged plaster ceiling with which to contend. Hours spent perusing photos online and in magazines revealed the answer – cover it up! Decoratively! So they did are.



Now isn’t that better?

The end. (For now.)


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4 Responses to Once Upon A Time [Things Are Looking Up]

  1. madambass says:

    Oh My Gosh!! The ceiling looks FANTASTIC, even better than I imagined!

  2. Teresa says:

    too me! it is so cool in there!

  3. Carol Dean says:

    That took some intense Teresa/Chris talent there! WE ARE IMPRESSED !!! Love you guys! Aunt Carol

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