Carriage House Lights

How long are you allowed to sleep in and blame it on Daylight Savings? Just curious. But I must say, IT’S HAPPENING PEOPLE! It’s starting to warm up outside!

Which is good!

But also sad…I’m still waiting for all that snow I imagined we’d get this year.

Before our rather disappointing winter began, we were working like stressed little woodland creatures preparing for the season, trying to get our garage primed and painted. You may recall where we started and where we ended up.

Well, we even got as far as choosing light fixtures. These puppies:


They’re pretty cute and the price was right (read: they were cheap). Didn’t get ’em up before the snow.

But! The snow is GONE and the sun is HERE and me thinks it’s high time to start hinting to Chris. Wink, wink.

In my imagination, ours is a cute little English cottage-style garage. Carriage house? Ah, to dream:

Cottage-style garage

[Photo credit]

Oh, fine, let’s be honest. This carriage house is nicer than our whole house. But it would be kind of funny to have to spend your weekend mowing your walls.

“Yeah, we’d love to come to the BBQ but we’re only halfway done mowing our carriage house.”

So fancy,


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One Response to Carriage House Lights

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh my gosh T,
    Your blog posts seriously crack me up. Love the updates!

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