Trim & Tile Time

Ah, consonantal alliteration, I heart thee.

But not in a creepy way. In a nerdy way. Nerdeeeee.


It’s been ages since we’ve updated any of our projects on the home front. Not because we’ve been slacking off.


A little because we’ve been slacking off.

But! We’ve been making little bits of progress here and there.

For instance, repainting all of the trim in the living room. Hadn’t ever done since having the new windows installed and trimmed with primed trim. Wait! Did I not post about that? Whoa…can’t believe it. Because that was a huge deal. New windows throughout the abode. Installed by our friendly local window company.



A pretty pattern called “Jack Frost” for the bathroom…


Anyway, back to business, it turns out white primer is not paint. And it looks gray in person. Also turns out that our old trim color looks yellowish and yucky in person. Dingy.

Good Opportunity to freshen everything right up with some crisp white paint. This color is called “daylight” and is from Valspar. See how much brighter the right side of this door looks compared with the left?


What? Don’t like grainy late-in-the-day phone pics? Too bad. I lost the SD card for my camera. But I’m not gonna cry about it. Weirder things have happened. Seriously…read on.

We also decided there is no time like the present to tile the newer portion of our kitchen to match the original portion.


Yes, that’s an open jar of peanut butter. Yes, I was eating straight from the jar. Whilst renovating. Tiling is hard work. Have to keep my protein levels up and all that. Plus, with all the stashing of kitchen stuff to make this project happen, I lost the bread. Still haven’t found it. But I did find a can of stewed tomatoes on my bedside table. Like I said earlier, weirder things have happened. ;)

More to come soon, I swear! But for now, back to our regularly programmed consonantal alliteration:

Ta, Teresa

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8 Responses to Trim & Tile Time

  1. madambass says:

    Oh, I thought the “Adams” was beer as in Samuel Addams!! My bad.. Still looks great though

  2. Teresa says:

    I won’t say there wasn’t beer. ;)

  3. Carol Dean says:

    We love how much you have accomplished (in all ares of your life), and how lovely everything is turning out in your precious home. Oh, and by the by…”bechance the bygone bread hae breached the boudouire?” (We are still worried here about the missing loaf of bread #: / )

    Looking forward to future updates. Much love, Aunt Carol & Uncle Charlie

  4. Teresa says:

    Carol, I have NO IDEA where the bread is!! It’s so odd. Probably one day I’ll find it in the back of the linen closet or something. Thanks for your kind words – we feel way too busy and stretched way too thin most of the time but in order to have the house we wanted, we had to buy the house we could afford and make it such. One day at a time! :)

  5. Carol Dean says:

    As it happens, that is most often the best way. We love your blog, and are so happy to see you back at it! Love you two! A/C & U/C

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  7. Patricia Biggs says:

    Happy to see you are back posting about your house. How are you and Chris doing??

    • Teresa says:

      Hi Pat! We are doing just fine. Busy as all get out but just trying to stay afloat. How are you?? How are the babies? We see pics but imagine that they must be growing so fast!

      On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 6:26 AM, Our Corner House wrote:


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