Super Bowl-Themed Indoor Cycling Class!

Oh boy, did I have fun with Super Bowl theme rides this year! And this coming from a girl who was all like, “Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl? That’s football, right??” But I do live in Washington state and knew this could be fun!

Seahawks Space Needle


image via 

My 45, 60 and 75 minute classes each got a super fun football-themed ride with no fewer than three Seahawks anthems. In places of “stages,” we had pregame, first half, halftime, second half, and in the longer class, commercial breaks.

Here’s the 75-minute playlist – our “team” started the way football players do: reading through the game plan, warming up, stretching and meditating on the task ahead. We celebrated some of the most memorable halftime shows, and then cooled down to this year’s halftime artists. Some songs are uploaded from my computer and may not play through Spotify…

As you may have guessed, I’ll be out doing other things this afternoon instead of watching the game, but Go Seahawks!

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