Trick-or-Treat Playlist

Teaching two back-to-back spin classes tonight. With the lights out. In costume. To spooky music. Bwahahaha!

Here’s the playlist – enjoy! (note: use the scrollbar on the player to see the rest).


The first two songs are warm up and the last two are cool down. Three stages of work, each with seated sprint intervals, a rolling hill, a combo hill, a hard standing climb, and downhill run (or recovery). 



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2 Responses to Trick-or-Treat Playlist

  1. Hi, Teresa:
    Do you like using Spotify? I installed the latest IPhone update and lost all of the music on my IPhone. It really took me by surprise when I went to my playlist and everything was disappearing right before my eyes. Had to come up with a quick alternative, while 30 sets of eyes were waiting for me to start a class. Given all the problems Apple seems to be having with its updates, I’ve been investigating other options. Going back to carrying around 10# worth of CD’s is not an option I like. So, long story short, what are the plusses and minuses of Spotify?

    • Teresa says:


      OMG I’m so sorry I am just now responding to your question! I have been totally neglecting my blog and all social, really. And I’m so sorry about your iPhone fail! I’m sure you’ve already figured out an alternative, but in case you’re still looking, I LOVE Spotify. I pay the monthly subscription and can manage/create/file playlists on my computer and download to my phone. If I make them “available offline” I can put my device on airplane mode and still access the playlists during class. I guess for me the only downfall is that I don’t “own” the music, but that doesn’t really bother me. I use an Android device. Let me know how you’re faring music-wise. I’m always looking for new ideas to update/simplify. :)


      PS Clicked over to your blog…has it moved?

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