Getting closer to a finished garage!

No one should be this excited about a garage makeover. But I CANNOT WAIT for this job to be finished.

This pic is from this morning – the color is coming out a little dark, due to the early morning light.


You remember where we were as of yesterday. We’re getting closer!!!

We need to shop for garage lights this weekend – there ain’t no way that old shop light is going back up. Not only was it too comfortable a safe harbor for spider and wasp colonies, it buzzed and hummed so loudly when in use that it sounded like we could be causing electrical surges throughout the city. Not the kind of energizing we go for.

Here are some options I like, some of which are too pricey (images link to sources):

Ascoli Wall Mount 2-Light Outdoor Stainless Steel Sconce

Mariner Collection Wall-Mount 1-Light Outdoor Architectural Bronze Light Fixture

Barn Light "The Artesia" 8" Warehouse Shade in 119-Bronze w/ B-10 Gooseneck Arm

Ciao for now, T

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5 Responses to Getting closer to a finished garage!

  1. Carol Dean says:

    WOW! That is stunning! I am so impressed, Teresa, not only of how beautiful it turned out, but also of how quickly you were able to get everything done. KUDOS and more KUDOS!!! Love you, Aunt Carol (P.S. Also love the light fixtures you are considering…can’t wait to see which you decide upon). {: D

  2. madambass says:

    You remind me of when the shopaholic discovered new shopping opportunities….luggage!

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