Where you lead – 60 Min. Spinning Playlist {and an itsy bitsy garage update}

I’ma try a new thing here…embedding my spin list straight from Spotify. I led this 60-minute class on Monday and it was great. “Where You Lead” and “Push It” (as usual) got a great reaction. That Salt-N-Peppa no longer record is a shame.

Where You Lead – 60 Minutes

WARM UP: Where You Lead and Alive (6:45 total)

FAST FLAT w/ CHORUS PICK UPS: Ain’t Nothing Wrong, That and Everybody Talks, Vacation=2 min. recovery

INTERVALS: I Don’t Wanna be in Love (jog/run/sprint at verse/bridge/chorus), Push It (4x 20/20/20 at jog/add/jump), Oh Mandy=2 min. recovery, Berzerk, I Believe in a Thing Called Love, Poison=2 min. recovery

COMBO HILL: Radioactive (5x +/30), Where the River Flows (:30+ / :60^ / 1:30+ / 2:30+ standing climb / 3:00+), Roar=2 min. recover

FAST FLAT: Express Yourself (chorus pickups), Requiem for a Dream (:51+ / 1:27 standing run / 1:41 seated push / 2:40+^ / 2:53 surge / 3:30 jog)

COOL DOWN: Pink and Man on the Moon

Garage Update

….And…because I just know you’re at least as excited about this garage makeover project as our neighbors must be, here’s a mini-update.

You might remember the before:


And here it is primed and ready to paint!


Ahhhh. Like a breath of fresh air, no? Couple more sunny days – that’s all we need!

I’m out,


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3 Responses to Where you lead – 60 Min. Spinning Playlist {and an itsy bitsy garage update}

  1. Mom says:

    Wow! It looks like the garage got new clothes (siding)!!

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