Racing the seasons

So. Here’s what happened.

We waited until the best of summer was coming to an end–the days are now filled with blustery rain and the nights are freezing. And we looked at each other and said, yeah! Let’s start a new outdoor project! Let’s do this!

When you see what we decided to tackle, you’ll understand how we couldn’t wait until the spring thaw to get this going. I hope you’re not eating. This, friends, is our garage. Do not judge. Image

Yeah, it’s gross! We know this. And, to be fair, we inherited it this way. But not for long! Here’s a sneak peek at the side facing into our backyard gettin’ all primed up:Image

Oh, and I painted the side door a glossy black to match the doors on the house.

So far, two different passersby have commented that they primed their house/shed years ago and it looked so much better they have yet to finish the job and actually paint. Fortunately, ours doesn’t look improved enough with primer to tempt us.

Because we lazy.

There are a few hours left of sun, so I gotta go! More later!


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6 Responses to Racing the seasons

  1. Carol Dean says:

    Hi T & C! We are very impressed and now we have the urge to paint, or at least I do. Keep up the good work. You two are awesome! Love you, Aunt Carol

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks, Aunt Carol! Wish we were closer so we could help out! Ours is almost too far gone, sadly. We might be spending hours and hours for what might amount to only a band-aid.

  2. madambass says:

    Yes. you have inspired me too! Tonight BOTH cars are in the garage for the first time in 23 years!!

  3. Terry- edie Koeppel says:

    Hi C & T! This will be a nice improvement to your back yard, it’s looking pretty nice already! Your grass looks terrific, so nice and green. Hope the rain and wind ease up for you to get the job done. Fall is definitely in the air!!


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