They do…

Last weekend we attended the sweetest wedding,

In a gorgeous mountain setting,

With the nicest groom

And the loveliest bride…



Congratulations, Ashley & Kenny!

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3 Responses to They do…

  1. marygallant88 says:

    Very Adam and Evish 2013 style…is there an apple tree nearby perchance? thanx for sharing, lovely gd T  lol …gm M

    Sent from Samsung tabletOur Corner House wrote:

  2. Ashley G. says:

    Just scrolling through your posts since I haven’t been keeping up with them and found this! How sweet of you! Thanks for the shout out! Gorgeous pictures. :) Hope all is well at the corner house!! By the way, in case you didn’t already know, you’re an amazing writer. I love reading your posts…I can totally hear you saying all of it. Miss you guys!

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