Let’s Join the Circus! [Or…Want to Help Me Watch Cement Dry?]

So last weekend was all fun and games. Last weekend was all, oh, hey, let’s have ice cream and ride bikes to the market and take in a movie and go to the circus and visit the arboretum. It was glorious. The weather? Bliss. The Wenatchee Youth Circus? Fun! I mean, check out these kids and their shenanigans:







And the arboretum? Embarrassed to say that this is the first time we’ve been. What a lovely place!


Took the dog for a walk. This is how she does it now. Zsa Zsa style. Doesn’t like wet toes.


Some of the trees were so beautiful I wanted to sneak back at night and steal them for our yard. Grand theft forest?





And then? Then there’s this weekend. Or the whole last week, really. Our week of major butt busting. Let’s back up a bit and I’ll give you some context.

Why don’t we start by breaking down what’s going on in this photo taken in our backyard a few days ago:


  1. That’s not a pile of rubble and junk—it’s our very successful burglary prevention program
  2. The dog appears to be taking a poop in the background
  3. Yes, that is a stack of deck chairs on the right…so we’ve been sitting on our dirt spot pretending we already have a deck…so what?
  4. No, that is not a meth house, that is our needs-to-be-scraped-and-painted-ASAP garage…it’s on the list
  5. Don’t fall into that giant hole in the foreground
  6. Does that bucket look level to you?

There is a purpose to the disaster zone before your eyes. Chris dug eight, 36” deep, 34” wide holes using this rental bad boy:


Note the steel-toed boots and protective eyewear. Safety first, kids.

Since the minimum cement delivery was about twice what we needed, Chris devised ways to use as much excess as possible. Gotta get our money’s worth. Back here’s where we’d like a laundry line. This spot, fortunately, we can’t see from any of our windows (or future deck) and our neighbors can’t see as it’s along the side of their garage. And it’s only current purpose is as a footing and planter graveyard, apparently. Win! Win! WIN! 


Oh, and while we’re at it, why not a small cement pad outside the garage door. But is that preferable to the current mud pit situation? Thinking…thinking…um, yes, yes it is. Who says you can’t find practical uses for more cement than you ever thought you’d need?

In other news, I’m repainting the living room. Again. Why not? This time Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray. Much brighter than the current color. And it mutes the insane caveman texture we’ve got going on in there.

Sneak peek:


Gotta run, kids. Watching cement dry. Wishing the circus was still in town.

Later, Ta-reesie

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6 Responses to Let’s Join the Circus! [Or…Want to Help Me Watch Cement Dry?]

  1. madambass says:

    actually, I WOULD like to join you and watch cement dry. I probably will regret saying this but I miss being part of the renovations, I liked the bragging rights!
    BTW your nature photos are beautiful. :-)

  2. Mary Gallant says:

    circus circus cement cement circus high******* cement , no show
    in the K’s back yard.
    Arboretums are places for happy plants

  3. Carol Dean says:

    Teresa & Chris,
    Thank you for taking us to the WY Circus…so much fun….We loved it! Then the trip to the Arboretum was so beautiful and refreshing to our spirits, as was your previous visit to the Palouse River site. We thank you for that gift as well. The two of you are the most industrious little renovators that we know. We love everything that you are doing to your sweet home. Keep up the great work! ( The pictures are all precious ).

    Much love,
    Aunt Carol & Uncle Charlie

    P.S. Love the new paint color…it is so pretty and fresh!

  4. Teresa says:

    Aw, thanks, Carol!!! What sweet and inspiring words!!! Just what we need to hear to keep up the motivation. :D

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