Deck Time!

There’s no going back now—six 20-inch wide, 36-inch deep holes in the backyard say we’re building a deck!

Truth? It’s about time. We’ve been teetering over a rather perilous makeshift set of wooden steps that Chris stapled together in about 60 seconds over a year ago. You read that right: OVER a YEAR AGO!!! But no more! The city engineers approved our plans yesterday and Chris spent the day with a rental auger, diggity dig digging the postholes to clear our 30” frost line. What am I doing to help, you ask? My job is very important. My job is to decide (once and for all!) on the style of railing we want.

While our municipality would *strongly urge* us to do vertical rails with smaller than 4” gaps, we are intrigued by many of the alternatives out there. I really like metal cables. Chris prefers wood. I think we’re leaning toward a horizontal option. “But small children like to climb up horizontal slats and can hang themselves!” shrieks the secretary at the city code office. “What kids?” we ask. She palm-slaps her forehead. “No seriously, we need to know what kids you think are going to come and climb all over our new deck! We’ll want to press trespassing charges.” we respond.*

We’re also toying with maybe putting a privacy wall-type railing on the street side (remember, we’re in a corner house—that’s like having TWO front yards and the resultant lack of privacy).

Here are some examples of what we’re considering…


What are your favorites??? Any ideas we could use???


*All based on a true story.


Image credits: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |5 | 6

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One Response to Deck Time!

  1. Terry & Edie says:

    Hmmm, I like 2 & 4

    Dad & Mom

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