The Palouse River

Life lesson: When your stress is through the roof, reconnect with nature. Nearly any nature will do. We visited the ruggedly serene Palouse Falls yesterday in an attempt (successful!) to zen out our minds.

BUT before we get started on the lovely landscape, I must know your thoughts on an important historical issue: Do you think this telephone/electrical pole was erected back when people used to be shorter?? Or what?? I’m befuddled. And apparently a giant.


As promised, onto the beautiful nature part.First, the lowdown:

  1. Millions and millions of years ago lava pushed up through vents in the Earth’s crust, leaving layers of basalt rock throughout the land.
  2. Millions of years after that (but still eons ago—think Pleistocene epoch), waters from the great Missoula floods swept through and channeled out the land.
  3. The remaining coulees, potholes and buttes left throughout the area provide breathtaking scenery and world-class adventure opportunities for me and you!
  4. The water here falls are around 200 feet.

*No, I am not an official spokesperson for the state or national parks but would that not be the perfect job!?!!

**These pictures are from my phone—APOLOGIES for the bad quality.






True story: We were once on a sea tour in Maui and the guide said that the basalt columns there were the second tallest in the world. When we asked, he answered that the first tallest can be found throughout the Columbia River gorge and nearby areas. Our backyard! Makes me happy to be here. This landscape is amazing. A perfect way to watch the sun set out on a summer day.

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2 Responses to The Palouse River

  1. marygallant88 says:

    My dear Teresa,  what a great stress smasher!  The place has a geometric/ aquatic kinda look and feel. Strangly beautiful.   gram mary look

    Sent from Samsung tabletOur Corner House wrote:

  2. madambassMom says:

    I agree. the formations are fantastic! And to think that we beat Hawaii is something!!!
    Walking is therapeutic too! I know :)

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