Pedal to the Metal

Alrighty, time for an update: I’ve been doing a lot of this lately:


Apologies for the bad photo—this was taken by a phone in a sunrise class, so we leave the lights out and let the sun light up the ride as it rises. Also, it’s summer in a university town. I think we had just seven riders this morning. A small but truly dedicated group over the summer!

A while ago I earned certification through Schwinn as an indoor cycling instructor and have been apprenticing at the local university gym. That ended TODAY! I’m ready to go go GO! SO MUCH FUN! And probably the best cardio workout around.

Apparently, Mr. Chris loves riding in my classes. He would. Winking smile

I’ll post this morning’s playlist tomorrow. It was epic.

Gotta go, more later!


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1 Response to Pedal to the Metal

  1. gallantm2013 says:

    watch your speed, Teresa!!!! Grsm
    Also watch for potholes and small animals might dart in front of the bikes! PJ

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