French-Inspired Casual

When I am well, I am all. over. it.

When stuff shows up on my to-do list I’m all like, “Stuff, you’re goin’ down!” And then I attack and stuff is done.

That’s when I’m well.

When I’m sick? Well…that’s a wholly incomparable situation. I can admit that I may not be the sweetest peach when I’m feeling under the weather. And sometimes—only very rarely—I may exhibit higher than normal demandiness. Maybe. Doesn’t everyone’s husband make nightly runs to the store to pick up whatever sounds appealing at any given moment? Yes?

But the main point? When I’m sick, stuff doesn’t get done. It takes total advantage of the opportunity to move right on in and enjoys laughing at me while I lose vitality.

What does get done? So glad you asked. I get to catch up on the most important tasks—reading and TV!

This last couple of weeks as I languished against a particularly offensive bout of bronchitis, I not only watched all four seasons of Ugly Betty (relieved that I can finally check that off my to-do list), I read five ginormous volumes on Marie Antoinette, Kings Louis IV and VI, Marie-Therese (the surviving daughter of Marie Antoinette and Louis VI), and Napoleon Bonaparte. The local librarians told me there is nothing left for me back in that corner.

Marie Antoinette{photo}

#IMayBeCrazy and #IMayBeObsessed. A little.

The surprising result? Inspirations started smashing together for me! That lovely day we spent at Versailles a few trips ago delighting in the fabulously manicured grounds and the sparkly Hall of Mirrors, my obsession with Kirsten Dunst’s portrayal of Marie Antoinette, the 1,500 times I must have flipped through last summer’s July/August issue of House Beautiful in which designer Stephen Shubel declared that his inspiration for his own cottage was “kind of Marie Antoinette in a T-shirt” (more fab a statement I have never heard)…the fact that I love croissants! And wine! I see it all so clearly now—how it charms me when it all fits together just so. And I don’t think this is the codeine cough syrup talking (I know you’re wondering).

Rooms by Shubel:



This revelation, paired with the fact it’s about high time we got our bedroom to looking like two grownups live in there, inspired this mood board for pulling together a bedroom (hopefully) equally sophisticated enough for adults and comfortable enough for a masculine mountain man hubster.


Now all I have to do is translate this into shopping  for bedroom stuff. See?? Stuff again. It never ends, I tell ya.

Oh, and you needn’t the gory details, but please know that I’m feeling much better now. Yes, it appears that I will make it. :)

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8 Responses to French-Inspired Casual

  1. marygallant88 says:

    Dear TCK–so glad you are weller than sicker…and sorry you were less than perfectly wonderful. I must say that fellow’s bedroom would be a death trap in an earthquake of any magnitude. The body sleeping next to the wall wouldn’t have a ghost of a chance—–now would he? how could he or she? gram mary

  2. Dave says:

    You’re so funny when you’re sick T. I’m sure it was the meds!

  3. Mom says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! Now for all the gold-leafing projects… ;-)

  4. madambassMom says:

    Grandmary’s Little Girl !

  5. madambassMom says:

    P.S. Your new look is so classy!!!

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