‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Twirling the night away at a black-tie Christmas Eve ball? Randomly crashing door-to-door carolers and winding up lost in a new neighborhood? Not this year, folks – those festivities are neatly packed away in the past. Well, not the distant past…I think it was just last year that we got lost in our own (relatively new to us) neighborhood with our friendly neighborhood carolers. And the gift that keeps on giving? I think I irreparably sprained my little toe at that ball. It still goes numb when it’s cold. And I think it can tell when it’s going to rain.

But back to the point…while T&C of Christmas past found entertainments outside of the house on Christmas Eve, tonight, for Christmas present, I get to hang with this handsome face:


So yeah, maybe he fell asleep. After coming off a night on call and jumping right into a long day of moving snow, who can blame the poor guy? On the bright side, more sweets for me! #imayhaveaproblem


And yes, he’s sleeping while fully dressed. You never know when people will call 911 – but I when they do tonight, this hunky firefighter won’t miss a beat trying to cram feet into their corresponding boots while rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

Oh, and while I’m just putting everything out there…we may have (allegedly) forgotten to send Christmas cards this year. And thus, I leave you with this bundle of Christmas cuteness. No one can hold a grudge when presented with a puppy. On a sleigh. Full of presents. That’s my theory, anyway.

can i keep him? please?

{photo: here}

Merry Christmas Eve, friends! And for the love of the sweet baby Jesus, please be safe, stay home off the ice and let mah man get some shut eye!

<3 Teresa

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One Response to ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

  1. Dad & Mom K. says:

    Yep, that is one special face ;-)! And a fun write up T. Be safe in all your travels, love U 2

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