Meet my kind-of-a-bada** friend, Andrea:


That’s her picking up her race number for the City of Trees marathon in Boise. She’s a marathoner. Told you she was bada**. Perhaps with a pinch of crazy tossed in for good measure. I mean, choosing to commemorate a distance most famous for having killed its original partaker? But…she was prepared and no sir, this wasn’t her first time at the rodeo. (As if getting lucky no. 3 wasn’t enough of a good omen…)

So here’s my race recap. Ahem…that is, my recap of what it’s like to experience a marathon from the sidelines in a series of eight observations.

Observation 1:

You must be a little nutty yourself to wake up at 6 a.m. and don a shirt this handsome just to cheer on a friend.

Boise Marathon_24

Observation 2:

While there’s pretty much nothing you can say to dispel prerace jitters, acting like an enthusiastic paparazzo can at least create a nice diversion before your runner takes to the starting line (an especially effective technique if said runner isn’t camera shy).


Andrea pre-marathon2

Observation 3:

As it turns out, a cool, handmade spirit shirt will not be enough. Prepare to be outdone by a proud, sign-holding, pink-shirt-wearing dad.

Boise Marathon Sign-Holder

Observation 4:

At the lineup, even (especially?) the runners themselves look as though they’re questioning their own sanity. Your best bet? Just smile encouragingly and pretend like you aren’t going to hit up the nearest coffee shop for a brew and a donut as soon as the starting gun fires.

Boise Marathon 2

Observation 5:

It is good form to cheer your runner on along the course. I met mine at mile 13 and was hence able to jog alongside long enough to point out that she’d broken her own half record (joy!).

Andrea at Mile 13_1

Observation 6:

Boise is freakin’ gorgeous in the fall! And IMHO, this dude, oblivious to the runners pounding around him along the Greenbelt, has the right idea. #justsayin.


Boise Greenbelt 2

Boise Greenbelt




Boise Marathon_08

Observation 7:

A successful race is the result of hard work and preparation. And you will never see a happier face than that of a runner crossing the finish line at a marathon. Especially when she shames her old PR into submission.

Andrea at finish

Observation 8:

A race medal makes for a great piece of bling.

Andrea after marathon

Andrea after marathon 2

So there you have it, folks! Observations from a behind-the-scenes marathon cheerleader.

Congrats, Andrea!

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  1. mary gallant says:

    Andrea is still smiling at the finish. Wish I had the right 2012 jargon to say she did great! What
    I mean is CONGRATS BIGTIME ANDREA!! To the paparatzi, that was splendid!!!!
    Especially the litany of fall foliage and the fisherman…..
    Thanks for enlightening this octogenarian on the agony and ecstasy of a great race….
    your octogram…xoxoxo

  2. Andrea says:

    Thank you Teresa for being an amazing cheerleader. You deserve and award all on your own!!!

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