A new basement floor!!!

Well, thanks to all the wonderful help from mum and sis this weekend, the floor is finished! I installed a few last pieces and put the molding back up after they left this afternoon. I apologize in advance for the bad photos – the lighting down there is pretty dismal.



I dug out some old curtains to hang over the weird closet-like indent thing. Now it can house storage. They’ll need to be hemmed a tad shorter but I love the funky vibe!


Remember this weird space?


This is a huge improvement!


Remember the room before? This was taken four days ago after work:


And now:


Ahhh. Chris will be so surprised!

I LOVE this floor. It is durable, super easy to install, nice looking, mildew resistant, waterproof…the list of attributes goes on and on. It’s Allure Resilient Vinyl-Plank Flooring from Home Depot in teak. The paint is my new favorite! It’s Incredible White from Sherwin Williams. Aptly named, no? It’s the perfect barely-there gray without being too dark or depressing for a basement room with a tiny window.

Now to rest. Then, some finishing touches. Like, you know, furniture.


Red heart Teresa

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8 Responses to A new basement floor!!!

  1. Pat B says:

    The floor looks great! We put flooring in the family room that extends into the kitchen area, and it opened it up so much. Don’t quite know why, but the rooms look a lot larger now. Good job T.

  2. Dad & Mom K. says:

    What a great improvement! I sure like the floor, nice job!

  3. Mom says:

    Ta daa! Drum roll please……….My daughter thanks you, my daughter thanks you and I thank you!!!!
    Really enjoyed learning how to lay the floor and now we are looking forward to new floors in our houses!

  4. kylahfink says:

    you guys did great it looks sooooo much better. I didnt get to go :( but i can come up some other time and i can help. :)

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