A Shared Birthday

Today is my birthday and I am having a great day! Before I even woke up this morning, Chris was busy preparing my favorite breakfast. When I got to work, I saw that the birthday fairy had passed through my office.


Can you believe I get to enjoy this beautiful view every day?


My awesome coworkers got me an awesome card (and coffee gift card!).


Outside: I am one with the cake.

Inside: Cake is merely an extension of the body. Happy Cake Day.


They also had some fancy cupcakes delivered to the office. I had a strawberry cream cheese cupcake with graham cracker crumb crust at the office and a banana cream cupcake with chocolate icing with Chris and my brother, PJ, later on.


A sweet friend treated me to lunch, got to hang out and have special treats with Chris and PJ, family and friends called, I even fit in a workout…in all, today has been a great start to my next year.

I feel very blessed. And grateful. For everything I have. I want nothing more than to share how I am feeling. Touched by The Nester’s posts about travelling to Tanzania to meet one of her sponsored children through Compassion International, Chris and I decided to sponsor a child ourselves.

Meet Joseph from Tanzania.


And you know what? Today is Joseph’s birthday, too! He turned 12 today and I hope that he will consider our sponsorship a wonderful birthday present. We very much look forward to learning more about his interests and sharing our lives with him through many letters.

Happy birthday to Joseph and me.

Red heart Teresa

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3 Responses to A Shared Birthday

  1. Dave says:

    Happy Birthday General T, and Happy Birthday to you sponsored child as well.

  2. madambass says:

    You sure had a really great birthday!!! I should know, I was there!!

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