She’s a Brick…Path

That’s right! We finally decided to bridge the moat with a tidy, cottagey brick path.


Your days of slogging through mud and weed to visit our little house on the corner are over! Not bad for $100 or so and one afternoon’s worth of work, eh?


This paver path project is brought to you by Zsa Zsa who, incidentally, makes quite a distracting supervisor.


But Chris showed her. (Please note that no delicious Chihuahua ears were harmed in the making of this post—just a perfectly timed yawn)


Next up? Lawn!

Red heart Teresa

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12 Responses to She’s a Brick…Path

  1. Kenny G. says:

    That is impressive! Very neat project. Side note: I couldn’t help but notice that Ace 5 gallon bucket and Ace wheelbarrow!

  2. madambass says:

    I think the planters are what REALLY make it chic!!

  3. Dad & Mom K. says:

    WOW!! C & T, your new path way looks terrific, you did a great job!

  4. mary gallant says:

    A dog walk? A cross walk? A cat walk? A walk across? The straight and narrow?
    Whatever the cat-agory,,, it looks dog-gone good guys!!!!!!
    Walk On, to the grass…… gram mary

  5. Dave says:

    Excellent timing on the doggie yawn. Try a Farragut mix of grass, I get mine from NW Seed and Pet. It’s pretty low maintenance and doesn’t grow up as much as it does out. Walking on it in bare feet is like walking on a comfy carpet.
    Your pathway looks like someone from the show Hometime came out and did it up for you guys, looks good.

  6. Mary says:

    Nice, very nice. You can do one for me with a curve in it… you two have talent beyond talent

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