Instantly Older Windows

We’re ashamed to admit that ever since Ashley and Kenny drywalled our bedroom, the windows have looked like this. (Prepare to be saddened…they were sad…)


This window looks out onto our backyard. Because we’re on a corner, it, like our front yard, is on a street. But it’s not busy. And that tree offers the best breeze on a summer night and birdsong in the mornings.

Never mind brother’s dog Squishy…she spent all day torn between her love of barking at passersby and her desire to be inside with PJ. Ultimately, her new pack of neighborhood boyfriend doggies won out.


But after about $30 and a couple of hours measuring, cutting and caulking, all three of our bedroom windows finally look like they belong with the rest of our old little house. I know I’m only ever showing two but trust me, there are three.


Now they just need a little glossy white paint to match the crown mold. Ignore that the charcoal ceiling is badly in need of some touch-up paint, won’t you? Thanks!

Here’s to finally having windowsills and feeling all grown up!

Red heart Teresa

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One Response to Instantly Older Windows

  1. Dave says:

    You guys really are growing up! Your own house and doing projects on it. Welcome to the adult world. But, and this is a big but(no pun intended) you may be like me, you’re getting older but refuse to grow up.

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