An Ode to Words

I putter in words. Professionally in the sense that words play rather a central role in marketing/communications work, non-professionally in the sense that they play a rather central role in, well, everything else. Today, I present you with words in just the right combinations to capture various elements of my life today.

Due to working in development, I get a (geek alert) kick out of and plaster my office with ads like this:

Ya know how when your hubby’s a hunky firefighter you can literally open-mouth-drooling stare at him in uniform all day long? Yep. Seriously…all. day. long. And ‘cause he also works in crop dusting, I—witty, creative wife that I am—have lots AND LOTS of crop dusting jokes (fart nomenclature aside):

I truly believe this next one, and not just because our yard currently looks like a mini Jurassic Park (envision hundreds thousands MILLIONS of little maple seedlings trying to take root):

The earth does not belong to man. Man belongs to the earth.

And when the Earth calls to you as it does us (proof here), and when you’re just a little weird (as we *ahem* might be) this mantra is fitting—and in my opinion would have made us some spectacular wedding invitations:

The world can be amazing when you are slightly strange.

In other news, I’ve been so. busy. lately. Super busy. Big, giant, can’t-sleep-some-nights-without-chemical-assistance busy. I mean…long time, no blog…right? N.E.WAY.—tomorrow always provides me with that little glimmer of possibility…you know, tomorrow I might just be caught up:


And it’s important to note that even though we haven’t been blogging much lately (naughty us!), we have still been slowly but surely finding time between more-than-fulltime work on my part and two jobs on Chris’s to move forward on home projects (posts to come!). Why is it, then, that I still feel so unproductive?

When you’re this busy and running breathlessly from meeting to meeting with crazy hair and a fatigued (although still cheerful) demeanor, people are always trying to tell you how they stay efficient/organized/focused/productive/etc. My response:MinionsBut while life may give some people minions, it gave me this precious snuggle muffin in all her floppy-tongue glory, and what a great pal:


Okay, so she doesn’t offer actual words as the post title promised but dang, is she not adorable??

What words represent you today?

Now if it’s quite all right with you, I’m gonna go spend the rest of the evening with that hunky piece of man of mine. Be back soon!

Red heart Teresa


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5 Responses to An Ode to Words

  1. madambass says:

    Wow, so wonderful to have you back! Enjoy Chris, enjoy your job, enjoy Zsa Zsa. Maybe not in that order….Looking froward to many more posts!
    Love Mom

  2. Dave says:

    I knew you two were busy, but damn it’s been a long time since we have heard from y’all. And may I add that it is great to (hear) read about you guys again.
    Take care of yourselves and I would volunteer to be a minion, but the early mornings and late nights wouldn’t work for me.
    Sorry General T. Do you have any openings for a 1-3 time slot open. ;-/
    Miss seeing you guys.

    • Dave says:

      The reason I’m up this early is we were on a Wounded Warrior Couples Odyssey and we all had to be out at the same time as the people who had to catch flights. Dee’s driving and I may sleep all the way home from Cle Elum.

    • Oh, I’m sure that a 1-3 shift could be arranged! Thanks for your comment – it’s good to be back!

      • Dave says:

        A 1300-1500 shift would be perfect! That’s about all I can do anymore. I had to move a post yesterday that I had already cemented into place. Using a come- along a shovel and a sledge hammer I got the post moved the 1/4″ it needed so that everything looked good. This morning it felt like my back muscles had been filleted off. These privacy fences need brackets that give you a website for installation instructions, so I pretty much did things backwards. You put a section of fence together then stand it in the hole and add cement instead of cementing first and then bending brackets to get the panel in place. A 1-2 day job has now taken 2 weeks, so I know what you guys are going through.
        Have much fun, and we really enjoy the blog.

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