A Room in Need + Eye Candy Alert!

…in need of a makeover, that is!

Believe it or not, this room is already a major improvement over what it looked like 13 years ago…imagine dusty-blue floral wallpaper, gold metallic mini blinds, a dark mahogany WATERBED with mirrors and built-in cabinetry running up the wall!

Ok, ok, stop imagining! This is the stuff of nightmares and I don’t want to permanently damage you!

But certainly you’ll agree that the room pictured here, whether an improvement or not, is in need of a little updating and some TLC… what with the low-enough-to-show-some-crack damask curtains, the dirty ochre walls (and what is with that weird white splotch to the right of the window I just noticed??), the sad trail of toy bits lovingly torn apart and left behind by a neurotic pet Chihuahua…you get the idea.

Yep, mom and dad’s master bedroom just became a prime candidate for a fresh fluff. We’ll start out with this as inspiration and see where we end up:

for mom

Spoiler alert: mumsy already scored the sunburst mirror or Christmas! Smile

Some of the rooms mom browsed and liked (which led her to take the plunge into bedroom-updating madness):

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

A pretty eclectic mix, eh? We’ll see what happens!

<3 Teresa

P.S. Thanks dad & mom for being such great sports and letting me share the good (truth? that’s a stretch…), the bad and the ugly of your master bedroom with the world-wide interwebs. Hugs!


*above images are links

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4 Responses to A Room in Need + Eye Candy Alert!

  1. Mary says:

    Oh dear i really need to get ride of all the white I have in my house. HELP i know the time will come and I will add color and fun things to my walls. Maybe you better come visit me and give me some ideas.

  2. Mom says:

    “Dirty” ocher walls?? Really it wasn’t THAT bad and the splotch of white is the sample of color for the new paint.

  3. elizabeth says:

    Can’t wait to see the results! Love the grasscloth wallpaper in the first inspiration and the drapes in the last!
    -e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

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