No Resolutions

Post-Christmas was spent visiting with some very good out-of-town friends (for Swedish Smörgåsbord), including this little cutie, Autumn, a.k.a. “Chris’s BFF.”


Probably she could also be known as “Zsa Zsa Chihuahua’s New BFF” (because Autumn is the first child that dog has ever been nice to). Seriously, she had that old battle-axe of a puppy eating out of her hand (literally!). We were amazed. See? Even in this photo Z is wishing she were on Autumn’s lap and not mine.


During Christmas (a week earlier at our house), Z maintained this don’t-mess-with-the-elder-dog look most of the time:


Probably because these whippersnappers (mom’s Chihuahua and dad’s Schnauzer) were constantly edging in on her sacred sofa space:


It wasn’t until the parents left that we kids could tip into a special bottle of port wine (thanks, Debbie!)…it was DELICIOUS and well worth the wait!


Now, why “No Resolutions?” Glad you asked! Because we set goals for ourselves all the time—no New Year necessary. We don’t usually set deadlines for our goals, either. We like when things progress more organically than that…plus, that way we don’t have to feel like failures at the end of every year. :)

For example, right now we have a goal to finish our house restoration. Not sure exactly when that will happen (depends on so many uncontrollable factors) but every day we work a little more in that direction.

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! And whether you’re the resolving type or not, we wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals!!

<3 Teresa & Chris

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One Response to No Resolutions

  1. madambass says:

    Beautiful B&Ws of the dogs! Looks like you had a great New Year’s celebration too!

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