Ready for Christmas?

Stockings aren’t hung, necessarily, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t ready for Christmas!


  • Weird branch/tree—check
  • Wrapped presents (including one in a packing box with just a big red bow)—check
  • Merry (at Our Corner House, synonym for cocktails)—check
  • Games & movies—check
  • Christmas dinner—oops! Knew we forgot something. Guess we still have to brave the co-op! *worried face*

Is everyone else ready for Christmas? Is it just us in this predicament? Oy.

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3 Responses to Ready for Christmas?

  1. madambass says:

    Not to worry, we’re bringing dinner! Rib roast with all the fixins…..yum

  2. Mary says:

    It is 2:04 Am 7 pies just finished…..
    and 8 members of the Christmas party arrive tomorrow. On Sunday 16 adults 8 kids …. I Love Holidays with family.

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