Holiday Card Party

A week and a half ago, I hosted a holiday card party (in our unfinished house, yikes!). For all you snazzy, crafty types, I clarify: not a party where one makes cards but a party where one signs and addresses cards. Yeup. If you get cards from us, they’re purchased in a box and signed while downing mulled wine and good cheese amid friends. Is that not the holiday spirit?

Anyhoo…I managed to snap only a few pics and this one is my favorite, of a neighbor’s delicious baby boy. Isn’t it amazing how fast they grow!? Here he is just months ago at a summer BBQ.


Well, we’re headed down the final stretch toward Christmas! Hope everyone’s preparations are going joyously!

<3 Teresa

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6 Responses to Holiday Card Party

  1. Mary Gallant says:

    Any excuse for a party! That’s the spirit, Teresa. I like your style and the
    little “cherub” in the pic… luv gram mary

  2. Debbie Mac says:

    Thanks for hosting a wonderful party and your house is coming along nicely. You both have put a lot of thought and time into it. Tell Chris, he only gets away with not recognizing me one time! Hope to see you soon. Have a Merry Christmas! love you both, Debbie

  3. Mary says:

    What an incredibly great idea!!!! I am doing that next year….. Hope you don’t mind. Merry Christmas … see you in a few days….

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