Bright Pretty Fabric (eye candy alert)

A fabric order from Spoonflower just arrived! With a sweet, handwritten note:


It’s such a pretty fabric and it goes beautifully with the three others I received from just yesterday:


Specifically, these are the fabrics (photos are source links):

Pinned ImageCovington Amagansett SterlingPremier Prints Topeka Solid Candy PinkDwell Studio Bella Porte Charcoal

Yum! Love the brightness/perkiness!

So what will I do with with all this fabric fantasticness? Wait for it….throw pillows!!! Don’t worry, I’ll figure out how to sew them. I’ll figure it out because I am determined to, because I have just enough sewing know-how to be dangerous, and because I’m seeking out some great online tutorials. Of course.

I am so inspired to liven up our simple rooms with fancy pillow covers. Here are some of the bright pillows that are fueling my madness:

Pinned Image

via Caitlin Wilson Design

Pinned Image


via Kerrisdale Design Inc.

via Chic Little House

Pinned Image

via Purple Area

Hopefully these end up better than most of my sewing projects—as in, hopefully they end up finished at some point! With this whole foot thing going on, I should have plenty of time to get to them!

<3 Teresa

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9 Responses to Bright Pretty Fabric (eye candy alert)

  1. madambass says:

    If you bring the sewing machines we can work on them next weekend, aka

  2. Debbie Mac says:

    You can make pillows! Don’t skimp on the pillow forms though, get nice quality ones if you go that route. If you stuff your own, it is hard for them not to be lumpy.

  3. Love the fabric! Good luck on the pillows. My mom makes them all the time and said they are easy. I am going to have to try it out one of these days.

  4. Katrina says:

    Sewing pillows is much easier than you think! :) You’ll do a great job at it! The yellow fabric from Spoon flower is making my heat beat fast!

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