Get Your Cozy On (Eye Candy Alert)

Lately I’ve been hobbling around in one of these:


Nothing major…just a royal pain in the, um, foot. Some torn cartilage and strained ligaments mean that I’ll have to sport this thing for another six weeks. I’ve never sat so much in my life! It’s making me seek out all the most cozy, comfortable spots in our home.

And, of course, me being me, scout out some of the coziest spots on the Web:

go Lonny go!

Gallery Image

Pinned Image


Don’t you just want to crawl into one of these images with a good book and a steamy mocha and get your cozy on?

<3 Teresa

*images: Lonny via here, William Waldron, SAFDIE RABINES, DecorPad, wehearit

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10 Responses to Get Your Cozy On (Eye Candy Alert)

  1. Erin says:

    Thanks for featuring Safdie Rabines Architects’ work! The photo shown is © Undine Pröhl.

  2. Monkey's Uncle says:

    All seductively comfy-looking (except maybe that “game” room… those two fish-eye mirrors would make me feel like I’m frozen in the deer’s headlights!) What is clear from these pictures is that we need bookshelves! Tall, well-stuffed bookshelves… and soon.

  3. Oh no. No fun but hopefully you will have a fast recovery. Now you don’t have to feel guilty spending tons of time on Pinterest!!

  4. Katrina says:

    I’m so drawn to the pretty bookcases!

    I so hope you feel better soon!

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  6. mary gallant says:

    At this rate, you’ll be tied up til Christmas, dear child!!! The pillow project sounds good…Wish I were there to help, Teresa…
    Enjoyed having your Mom for a few days— we always seem to have fun…Billy wanted her to
    stay….luv gram mary

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