First Snow

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Comfort Cocoa - Jacks Cozy Cocoa - photo courtesy Brown-Forman for The Intoxicologist use



Happy about our first snow! Perfect for warm, soft scarves, thick tights, dancing in the snowflakes, hot cocoa, and snuggling. Good thing we’ve already unpacked the little doggy’s sweater!

<3 Teresa

*images: weheartit, favim, weheartit, intoxicologist, weheartit, us

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4 Responses to First Snow

  1. kylahfink says:

    I love snow, hot coco, warm soft scarfs, and SNOW!!!! you guys all look good in that pic!!

  2. DebbieMac says:

    Great Picture!! but really Bah Humbug for the snow! yuk! Besides I have lost most of my r value insulative factors and I’m freezing most of the time. ;-)

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