All Tired Up

Ever had a tired so massive that even sleep couldn’t help? That’s how tired we’ve been up in here. My man=tired. Me=tired. My bones=ache. La casa on le corner=tired of being half-done.

It’s been fo-evah since our last post. We know, we=bad bloggers. In between inordinate overtime on both our parts, we’ve managed to (slowly) plug away at a few projects. We’re dedicated to carving out time to write posts about…

Newly stained hardwood floors:


A visit from friends Ana and Mark:


Ephemera in the guest room:


Hiking with niece Kylah:


A major overhaul of this room:


Plus lots more!

But for now, am major tired but drumming up the energy to complete some projects for work here in sunny Seattle (haha, that was a sad joke).



Ta for now!

<3 Teresa

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5 Responses to All Tired Up

  1. mary gallant says:

    Teresa dear. “Tired” is good sometimes. “Bored” is tiring. I know that’s never the case with you. Keep up the good work , even though it be s l o w……
    keeps us guessing! Ana looks “happy”. hopefully, she is. And so does Kayla.
    Give the house a rest. I give my crossword puzzle a rest and when I get back
    to it, the solution is at my fingertips! Luv you T and C–gram maryg

  2. Mom says:

    Wow! What a great picture of me!!! Sure have missed your posts….:)

  3. Mary Phillips says:

    I remember that bone tired feeling. Just turn your brain off and take a deep breath… Be still enjoy each other. We will still throw you a house warming.. Maybe early spring

  4. kylahfink says:

    Hey, i miss you guys!!And Chris i haven`t seen you forever! Who`s that cute little girl in your post!?!?! haha hope to see you guys again soon!!

  5. Katrina says:

    the floors to AMAZING!!!

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