So Exsiding! A House to Match Your Shoes!

Q: What do you call a girl who has her house painted to match her favorite shoes?



But let’s back up a minute, shall we? Surely you must be thinking to yourself, Hey! I don’t remember the Corner House having vertical siding! I know this, because I know you sit up at night thinking about our siding. Oh wait…that’s me.

Anyway, last time you saw the house, it looked like (take a deep breath)…this:


In case you can’t quite make out the details, the siding is ancient, damaged asbestos shingles:


You know the drill—cracked, stained, carcinogenic.


And covering old wood siding that was dirty, splintered, fractional (at best). And those are the best features! Remember when I hinted at replacing the back door back in this post? (You might want to take another deep breath here)…Well, we discovered in that region of the house that there wasn’t even any wood siding OR water barrier under the asbestos!!! You may now let out your deep breath and gasp in horror.

But some houses are blessed enough to get the time and attention of my in-laws. Yeup, Terry & Edie two are home improvement animals: they came, they conquered, they left for 1,400+ miles away (seriously, people, it’s really about the only way you can get out of helping us with various projects…case in point: I have two unfortunate-to-live-nearby friends on line for moving my bedroom furniture tomorrow evening).

Here’s a broader view of the foolishness that was the poor Corner House’s exterior:


And a close-up for good measure:


That new stuff on the right is fairly inexpensive T1-11 plywood siding. Just like they did at Chris’s sister’s house a few years ago, the in-laws helped us side right over all that crappy classy cladding of yesteryear, thus simultaneously safely encasing cancer-causing danger and adding yet another protective layer. It is now clean, solid, updated.

And matches my shoes:


I swear, more pics to come. And details about the door (and how this woman really did frame it in all by her little old self). And some deliciousness going on in the interior.

Stay tuned!

Red heart  Teresa

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6 Responses to So Exsiding! A House to Match Your Shoes!

  1. Gosh does that me I can talk to Sabrina and Laura about a date for housewarming before the snow flies?

  2. Just wanted to sign in. Let you know that you are on our radar.
    The house looks great! I really like looking at the first few pictures you posted and compare to the new pictures. You have been so productive.

    Good luck with the rest :)

  3. Wow lots of work. I can’t wait to see more pictures!

  4. kylahfink says:

    Teresa your such a dork!!!! Its okay because……… I AM TOO!!! ;)

  5. kylahfink says:

    Teresa your such a dork!!!! Its okay because……… I AM TOO!!! ;) Oh and i love your hair!!!

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