Let The Light Shine In!

I work a day job: I work in a corporate office as an assistant director of marketing & communications. It’s a demanding, 50+ hr/wk job.

I work a night job: Keeping tabs on my in-laws who’ve been helping with projects over at Our Corner House for the past week and a half.

For the record: I am much better at my day job.

That’s why, last Tuesday, I went home from lunch to this:


That’s right. OCH mom- and dad-in-law were bound and determined to enlarge our dining room window, even when I was having cold feet about the whole thing. (Spoiler alert: I am SO SO SO glad they did!)

Starting on the inside, Terry, Chris’ dad, used a diamond-tipped blade on a circular saw to cut through the original plaster walls.


He then chipped away the plaster from the lath strips with a crowbar, and then the lath strips from the studs with a hammer.



Surprise! The walls were insulated with (drumroll)…NOTHING!


Oh…nothing, unless you count the cardboard. The cardboard that used to be a box that came with insulation inside of it. Not sure where all that insulation went. :( But it sure wasn’t in our walls.


In case you’ve never torn through plaster walls before and intend to, be warned: it’s super messy business! The folks lined the floor with plastic first so they could just wrap it all up and haul it out.


Then, Terry drilled holes in the new corners of the new opening, and used a chalk line to mark where the cuts should be on the outside of the house, connecting those holes.


No, that’s not a gorilla in standing in a hole in the side of my house! I received this picture in a text. While at my day job. Where I was when I found out what they were up to that morning. Like I said earlier….waaaaay better at my day job.


One of the best things about being married to a former service member? All you have to do is call one of Chris’ former Army buddies and say, “Um, hi…this is Teresa…you see, Chris is out of town right now…” and before you can even finish, you get an enthusiastic, “Say no more! On my way!”

That’s how Darren and his lovely Amanda came into the picture (bad pun, I know).


They helped us install the new window, which my in-laws had picked up the day before. I tried to call them to tell them not to buy it, that I’d changed my mind, but they ignored my calls and texts. People at my day job do not ignore my calls.


This is Darren, waterproofing the opening.


It was HUGE of Darren and Amanda to help us out. There is no way the three of us could have hoisted that window into that hole by ourselves.


And here’s what it looks like all nice and installed. Beautimous, huh? Like living in a tree house!

Then Terry and I chillaxed in the yard for a bit. Like I did all the work or something. ;)


You have no idea how excited I am about this window thing. It lets in all the morning light, which now floods the dining room, stairway and kitchen with warm morning goodness.

I cannot wait until it’s all finished off and to share it with you! It is, without a doubt, the biggest transformation in this house so far. The new window is energy star rated and is 4’ x 8’, with sides that open. Not bad for $220, huh?

Looking forward to the return of the Chris (on Thursday, I’m hoping). He might not freak out as badly as I’d predicted now that the window is in and looks so freakin’ amazing.

Until next time, let the light shine in,

<3 Teresa

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6 Responses to Let The Light Shine In!

  1. kylahfink says:

    so close but yet so far!! Keep going you guys are doing great. it must be stressful but it`s so worlth it!! cant wait to see your guys house and you soon!!

  2. Mike G says:

    It’s great to see that the house is still evolving. That window’s going to really change the feel of the place… I hope you realize what the in-laws are up to? It’s so obvious… they’re trying to make your house so nice that you’ll never be able to move away. How diabolical!

  3. kylahfink says:

    So Teresa Cherie and I were thinking about coming to stay the night or somthing this week. What do you think!? :-]

  4. Wow I am so impressed that you decided to go for a bigger window. It looks great but I would be so nervous. Putting in the window looks easy, and hopefully it is because we just got 7 new windows to install in our house this week.

  5. rena gallant says:

    Terry is awesome!!!!!!

  6. John says:

    Didn’t see any header being put in. looks like just 2 x 4’s on the top

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