Weekend Visitors

Gosh dang we’ve been busy around here! And by “we” I mean my mother- and father-in-law and me. (You may recall that Chris has abandoned Corner House duties to help keep wildfires at bay, poor guy).

But last Sunday we had even more little hands to help! And by “help” I mean “cause distractions.” ;)


My sister-in-law, Jenni, and her entourage brought by a paint sprayer for us to borrow. Jen’s has to be about the cutest entourage on the planet.


They explored every inch of Our Corner House.


I think they were most excited by and impressed with a huge pile of dirt an in-process landscaping project in the backyard.


I took the three oldest boys for a hike through a nearby nature park complete with a miniature forest and everything.


I think they really enjoyed the hike. And by “enjoyed” I mean asked a gazillion questions about whether they should be worried about bears and snakes and how did I know that there weren’t any bears.


But…back to work! Super, super duper exsiding post to come!!!

Have a good weekend,

<3 Teresa

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2 Responses to Weekend Visitors

  1. Jenn's Entourage says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed my entourage! They sure enjoyed being there especially the dirt pile or landscaping project. ;-) hope the sprayer helps. Love all the work you guys are putting into that house your doing a great job. Love you guys!

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