CONFESSION: I sometimes catch myself staring at the new walls.


Morning coffee? While staring at the new walls.


Work call? Conducted within eye-shot of the new walls.


If only a camera could capture the perfection that are these seams. *sigh*

CONFESSION: I’ve already mentally decorated the bedroom and picked out paint colors and everything. I have no patience.

Today was the best day…Ken and Ash came back for round three of mud sanding and texture blasting!


CONFESSION: I don’t even have a smidgen of their patience! Seriously, I am the girl who dips her paint roller right into the bucket, nary a drop cloth in sight. I flatiron only the top part of my hair (no one can tell that the underneath is a freaky knotty mass, right?). I eat my Ben and Jerry’s right from the container. Well…maybe I’m not alone there…

Anyway, these two are complete pros. They do everything right. The first time. Without having to learn the hard way. Yeah, I’m thinking what you’re thinking: definitely no chance they and I are related.


And they work so well together, too. There is an “M” in team. “M” for marriage. I just know they are gonna have the best marriage!


Kenny tested some texture options out. That plaster blaster thing is sooooo cool! Sounds like one of those super loud tommy guns in those old gangster movies.

CONFESSION: Our neighbors LOVE us, I am totally sure.


Then some genius had the idea to let this clown play with the plaster blaster. Not naming names, but just sayin’…I wouldn’t let me play with things that connect to compressors.


The kids left just a few minutes ago, in case you were wondering why I’m up posting waaaay past beddie-by time on a work night.  We’re all beat. Kenny and Ashley both work full-time jobs and go to school full time AND do contracting work! Insane in the membrane, they are.

I can’t wait to paint!

CONFESSION: If Kenny didn’t lecture me about the importance of primer on new drywall, I probably would have started painting before they even pulled out of the driveway.

Back soon,

<3 Teresa

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8 Responses to CONFESSIONS

  1. Pat Biggs says:

    Such good friends….such a good post….OCH is a work in progress….

  2. mom says:

    After seven months, I don’t think being impatient to paint is being unreasonable at all!!!

  3. Debbie Mac says:

    Primer is very important and texture is a Godsend, it covers so many imperfections and makes it perfect. Patience makes perfect!

  4. This is getting exciting to see the progress can’t wait to see the next step!

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