Rocks…as in sheet AND diamonds :)

Sunday was drywall day here at Casa Corner!

Meet the “Rock” Stars, Kenny & Ashley (NEWLY ENGAGED, congrats you crazy kids!)…


Of course, just as Ken and Ash were ready to get started, we decided at the last minute to install Reflectix insulator over the standard fiberglass insulation. Procrastinate much? But we think it will be worth it. It is a radiant heat barrier (keeps heat in during winter and out during summer) and increases the R-value of our existing 13.5 R-value insulation by roughly 3.5, beating out most new construction in these parts.


Fortunately, our drywall crew, not unaccustomed to our antics, exhibited admirable patience. We used ultralight sheetrock and these installers were pretty impressed with the stuff: it really was lightweight and it apparently cut more cleanly than traditional rock.


Isn’t it purdy? We’z gonna have the best-insulated bedroom evah! No more cold storage in the bedroom during the winter for us! Don’t worry, I’ll find another spot to keep my Ben & Jerry’s stash. Priorities.


Kenny and Ashley just followed Chris around the room as he insulated…


They rocked the sheet rock…


And I, ahem, dawdled supervised. Just try to bust through that, icy wind!!!


Something new we learned about Ashley? She’s kinda a drywall-taping genius…seriously. No imperfections. Which is really great, ‘cause this girl is a bit o’ type A and imperfections would SCOFF at me.


Ken and Ash stopped by again yesterday morning to apply a second coat of mud. We’re thinking the job’ll be finished (texture up) maybe by the weekend! *big grin*

Can’t believe we’ve lived here for seven months already and have yet to actually move into our bedroom! Have you ever waited for something soooo long you think you might burst??? I feel like a kid for whom it has been a perpetual Christmas Eve!

More to come!

<3 Teresa

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6 Responses to Rocks…as in sheet AND diamonds :)

  1. mom says:

    Wow! This is the Best Post Ever!!!! Ash and Ken ( I almost said Barbie and Ken, you’re both so adorable!) You are the greatest!! I can’t wait to see a real bedroom where cold storage once stood. Cudos to Chris for the insulation. Lil’T, your decorating savvy is up next.

  2. Dave says:

    Sounds like things are moving right along, you can hide the Ben & Jerry’s at my house. Cookies and Cream?

  3. I am impressed you all are doing the dry wall yourself. The insulation will pay off big time. I am sure you are getting excited to get this all together!!!

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