It’s time again for the weekly linky party over at Starfish blog!

Wednesday: returning home to see that it takes Chris just one morning to completely demolish the back steps in Man vs. Cement: Jackhammer Edition.


Thursday: discovering that THREE previous homeowners also wanted to re-side the house, each having left all preceding layers of siding strata. For archaeological purposes?


Friday: learning that all it takes is a girl in flip flops, a hammer and a stack of new lumber to frame in a doorway.


Saturday: dining under what is perhaps the BEST quote EVER! “The only time to eat diet food is when you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” –Julia Child


Sunday: realizing you drove more than 300 miles to your nearest Ikea and missed the annual Crayfish Party by nearly a month.


Monday: devouring delicious Reubens with OCH brother.


Tuesday: watching Chris’ softball team hand their opponents the season title on a gold platter (20-0 final, but who’s counting?). Chris is 4th from the right.


Deets on the projects to which these photos hint coming soon!

<3 Teresa

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13 Responses to DEMOLITION RENDITION: Week in Photos

  1. madambass says:

    WoW !! Hate to meet that hammer in a dark alley…..
    Can’t decide which/who I like better, Julia or Ruben.
    Looking forward to seeing a DOOR soon….;)

  2. Di says:

    Demolition is the fun part, then all the work, but it will be worth it! Love the group shot where the “painted” water is falling on top of the guys head. :)

  3. mary gallant says:

    The demolition derby has nothing on you and Chris!
    Nice to see your bro PJ. Maturing, isn’t he?
    Just thinking you could build a subway starting in your basement. The beginnings seem to
    be there already. the underground gram

    • Teresa says:

      to what would the underground subway connect? and have you been spying on us digging all those deep holes in the yard? was getting the feeling we were being watched…

  4. cherryd6c says:

    Oh boy I’m watching out for those flip flops with hammer you are one tough
    looks like ya’ll have a lot of fun ahead I can’t wait to see it all finished..
    Have a wonderful weekend
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  5. Made me laugh out loud about missing the crayfish party by a month!!!

  6. kylahfink says:

    u guys are getting farther!!! keep going youll get it done eventually!! (mabey) ;-p

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