Having a Plan

Does having a plan get you half way there? Hopefully, it does. As we enter our third morning with no back door (believe it or not, there have been complications with the whole old-house door issue), I am daydreaming about a finished product. Yes, sometimes you just need a little motivation to keep you going. So what am I hoping the house will look like some day (some day soon, hopefully!)?


Soft tones of dark gray and creamy gray, black and white accents, mixed metals, rustic touches…

Please keep your fingers crossed that TODAY is the day we have a new door!

<3 Teresa

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4 Responses to Having a Plan

  1. I like your plan can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. Dave says:

    Do you want a custom door? Or do you have something else in mind?

    • Teresa says:

      we purchased a door eons ago. just took us waaaay longer than planned to get it in because once we slid out the old one, we realized it was anchored on layers of siding and not actual framework. seriously, who does that????

  3. mary gallant says:

    A back door is an “escape hatch”. for lots of things- dogs , cats, rats and devious characters who may find their way into your humble abode… Now,,,, do you really need that back door? I KNOW-
    THE FIRE DEPARTMENT DEMANDS IT ( and your hubby is a sometime firefighter-how would it look not to).. Two half doors, half top and half bottom with a nice window in he top might be fun and interesting. That’s my contribution today, pretty T… gram mary

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