New Kitchen Color

Although our kitchen is only a few months old (and not yet fully developed), I changed ma mind, yes I did.

Note to husbands: This is what could happen while you’re away for work.

The Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray that I chose before we even started building the kitchen just wasn’t floating my boat anymore. I felt like it was too dark without being dark enough to look dramatic or intentional and that it clashed with the oak countertops.


I wanted to go somewhere cooler, since the adjoining living room is cool-toned. I tested three colors in three places.


Especially wanted to see how the colors would flow from the kitchen looking into the living room (at that fabulous mirror!).


And although I really did like the darker green/gray color, I knew Chris would hate it. So I chose Benjamin Moore Moonshine. Just look at these gorgeous rooms from around the Web that used this color!



I knew right away that I was going to love it!!


These two photos (below) illustrate how much the new color lightened up the whole kitchen

On the left: Moonshine is on the left and Sharkey Gray is on the right (around the fridge).

On the right: both sides are painted in Moonshine.


Here’s another view of the Moonshine on the left and Sharkey Gray on the right:


And here’s the same perspective with Moonshine on both sides.


I absolutely LOVE the new color! The whole kitchen looks softer and airier and I think the oak counters don’t clash with the wall col0r now. This color lets the shiny kitchen jewelry (hardware) be the star.


Can’t wait until we’re ready to start working on the adjoining dining room. Will definitely be using Moonshine as a jumping off point!


Anyone else ever changed their mind so quickly? Is it just me??? Tell me it’s not just me! Please!

Follow-up note: Once Chris noticed the color was different, he was all about it!

Have a great week!
<3 Teresa
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12 Responses to New Kitchen Color

  1. Dave says:

    The moonshine looks good, we have 2 different swatches of red next to our 52″ tv to figure out which we want (read; what the wife wants)

  2. Katrina says:

    looks good, like the color. We just painted our bathroom a few months back, and I’m not loving the color! lol, so I might be changing it up… I know what you mean about loving a color then thinki9ng, nah!

  3. The color is great. I question colors all the time but at least they are easy to change!

  4. madambass says:

    I like the comparison pictures, the difference is striking!

  5. Anna says:

    Chris wouldn’t have liked the green?

    • Teresa says:

      He almost didn’t like this color, and all for characteristics that were more pronounced in the green! I know! Hard to believe from Outdoor Man, right??

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