Summer Snapshots: Week 3

It’s time to for the week 3 linky party over at Starfish blog, sharing our week in photos. A’right folks, here we go!

Wednesday: Eyeing up the prettiest yards in the neighborhood for landscape inspiration


Thursday: Morning coffee with Chris after his return from fightin’ fire in New Mexico


Friday: OCH mom & bro arrive to help landscape Our Corner Yard—don’t worry, mom didn’t really operate the rototiller…


Saturday: Work break for Mexican food


Sunday: Yet more landscaping for the worker bees


Monday: Chris leaves for the 2nd time this week—hopefully not for a false alarm this time!


Tuesday: Perhaps one of the most…interesting yard ornaments around…is that a crop duster at the top??


Hope everyone’s having a slammin’ week! Be back soon with project posts!

<3 Teresa

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8 Responses to Summer Snapshots: Week 3

  1. madambass says:

    Wow! What workers! Don’t look any farther, now your yard will be the inspiration for the neighborhood.

  2. Pat Biggs says:

    Alright, you got me hooked on the inside, now you are doing it on the outside…Does your town give a home improvement award and yard of the month award….cause you will probably qualify FOR BOTH. <3

  3. Amber says:

    You had a busy week! Can’t wait to see your landscape pics!! Thanks so much for linking up!! xoxo Amber

  4. Mrs Montoya says:

    The flower in that first photo is gorgeous – I’m totally inspired!! I love that I found you on Starfish’s linky. Can’t wait to see what you guys end up doing.

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