Laundration Station (Eye Candy Alert)

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was daydreaming about all these beautiful laundry rooms?

I’ve become a woman obsessed, I tell ya! I can’t stop looking at pretty pictures! Look at this dreamy gray room with lots of natural light…


Or maybe a classic room with a twist?


Or a super contemporary approach perfect for two young, hip, cool peeps. (That’s right…don’t laugh.) I’m not sure this one would look good with piles of clothes on the floor in front of it…not that we let laundry pile up. Never! (That was for you, mom!)


Or how about super bright and colorful? Cheer, anyone?


Maybe I need a laundry room decorated in such a way as to remind me not to nibble on sweets all day or to overdo the cocktails.

BUT ALAS…we do not have a room with lots of natural light, finished walls or fancy, space-rocket-inspired-computer-operated laundry machinery. We do not want a laundry room that’s nicer than our kitchen! And I’m pretty sure that even though I love it in photos, I’d hate a vividly colored room (you know how this girl loves her gray!) or a room so contemporary it clashes with the age of our little urban-esque cottage—she’s 71, although it’s kinda rude to discuss, mkay? ;)

No, we do not have these things. Instead, we have exposed cement walls, exposed wooden rafters, lots of wires and pipes and other make-your-house-run doodads, noisy old machines we inherited with the house, and a very old, very yucky tiny basement window.

Not to worry…we aren’t ones to let little details like these get us down!

Here’s a pic of our basement laundry room post-gutting of moldy wallboard:



And after a good coat of gray-tinted cement/floor paint, here’s where we are today:


Such a huge improvement to clean up and seal that cement! We went ahead and coated even the framing to blend it all together color-wise (oh gray, how I heart you).


The experts will say you have to chemically etch old cement before painting it, but etcher can’t touch wood framing or metal (uh, hello pipes.) So we instead scrubbed and scrubbed our walls as squeaky clean as we could before we painted. Don’t think we’ll have any trouble but we’ll see.




So there you have it. While it will never be the designer showcase laundry room of my dreams, for about $30, it’s on it’s way to somewhere better than where it started.

And yes, the decision to not re-drywall the room is intentional. This is the brain of our house (water heater, furnace, plumbing, electrical center) and we like being able to see what’s where and how it’s doing.

Happy times!

<3 Teresa

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6 Responses to Laundration Station (Eye Candy Alert)

  1. I love my laundry room It is bright and the washer and dryer are on raisers so I don’t have to bend over. AND the are front loading So Terea, you and I are 2 very spoiled wives. Miss you.

  2. I love seeing all these amazing laundry rooms. Mine is in the basement and one day I hope to do something to spiff it up.

    • Chris says:

      We will definitely be stalking reading your blog not only for your awesome regular content, but also for your someday-basement-laundry-room revamp. We NEED inspiration! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You’ve made a good start! I drool over laundry rooms, too…love that first one with all the LIGHT! *That’s* a laundry room?? Makes you wonder how amazing the rest of the house must be!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my ‘chocolate’ coffee table!

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Those laundry rooms…seriously, right?! Think we’d actually start to enjoy the process of laundering of as much as shopping for clothes with fancy rooms like those!

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