Note From Chris

Hey all…I just got a little note from Chris, who is out on a fire (he’s a wildland firefighter by summer). Thought you might enjoy (and maybe forgive the lag in posts!).

Note from Chris:

“Just got into the Lincoln Forest District and we’re sitting in the woods waiting to see where they wanted us. This is supposedly the birthplace of Smokey the Bear!”

Fun fact: Smokey is 67 years old.

Smokey of yore:

Smokey today:

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4 Responses to Note From Chris

  1. mahatmakain says:

    Yo! Time to Bear-up, y’all. Check out the he-she black lipstick action on Smokey B. No joke yo! Ursine be PACKIN’…

  2. Mom says:

    Oh, my……

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